You came into this world with courage {The Freedom Equation}

born with courage

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You came into this world with courage.

Screaming, perhaps, and a bit surprised, but it was with courage (plus some oxytocin, and a strong mama) that you made it from the world of the womb and into the bright, bright lights of this world.

In that moment, you were a clean slate, except for the courage.

Courage is one thing that you know primally. Just as your body knows how to keep its clock ticking, you know how to be courageous – in the famous words of Lady Gaga, “Baby, you were born this way.”

What happened next, however, is anyone’s guess. Maybe you were taught to not take risks. Maybe you were groomed into someone else’s perfect version of you. Maybe you were so nice to others that you formed an identity around giving other people what they want. Maybe you decided to play it safe from now on to avoid all the pains (how is that working out for ya’?).

If only you could rewind your psyche back to that moment and re-remember your courage. Take it with you. Feed on it. Be inspired by it. If only you could go back to the moment of your birth and remember what that courage felt like.

Well, unless someone found a time machine, you can’t.

But you can re-birth yourself.

Sound messy? Don’t worry, it’s not. Confusing, perhaps, at it shifts things around, but not messy.

You are a spirit having a human experience, and because of this, there’s a good chance you’ve become quite attached to that human story – the story of how you are a child to your parents and how your up-bringing shaped you. It’s natural to have this story; it’s your narrative and part of how you understand your world. But there’s also a larger story at play here.

You are also a child of the universe.

Of the greater cosmos and of this planet. You are a child of the universe and the earth. You are here on purpose.

Skeptical? Play with this for a while. Play the game of what if this were true? What if you were a child of the universe?

What would your story be? What would the cover of that book say? What would the chapters be? How do you, the compelling lead character, understand yourself and your life and how does this shape you into the person you are?

This process of re-birthing who we are – of coming out of the womb of everyone else’s stuff, is a critical step in courage. When we can re-envision who we are in relation to the universe and the greater world, we can create a new storyline, a new tapestry, for understanding ourselves. When we can see our story in this broad, subtle context, we can create new outcomes for ourselves.

As highly sensitive people, this concept is extremely important. We often feel out of place in this world – isolated, strange, as if our interests and thoughts and deep inner life is extreme or maybe dangerous to the outside world. And perhaps they are, but we are valid and inspiring and deserve a place to be heard and nurtured.

Remember, the world will only let you be you to the extent that you do.

Which means that this step of re-birthing, of re-envisioning yourself and your place in this world, is paramount to living a life of freedom. By re-birthing, you take your life into your own hands. You situate yourself as a player in the greater cosmic game. You can come to understand your inherent importance in life and that you are here on purpose.

Do this: Lay down in a comfortable place and use your imagination to envision yourself as a child of the universe. Allow your imagination to show you your story in relation to this greater truth. Allow the vision to show you where this new story differs from the story of your mundane life. Allow it to show you where that story has been a lie, where it has held you back. See yourself as the main character and notice what you love about yourself. Allow yourself to visualize for 10-30 minutes.

Then, write it down:

Who are you as a child of the universe? What are you here to do? How were you meant to live? What ideas or beliefs have been holding you back? How were you meant to live in FREEDOM? How does this differ from the story you were telling yourself about your human life?

You were born through courage. Reclaim it.


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