In a nutshell, I help you become the boss of you.

You’re here because you’re ready to have that glow-from-the-inside confidence you’ve always craved. You want to know how to expertly listen to your own inner voice, when to tell your fear to shut the frak up, and have no doubt which is which. You’re ready to be that person whose sensitivity exudes strength, like the star-bright leading lady in your favorite fantasy novel.

I work best with sensitive creatives – people who are attuned to the subtle aspects of the world. Those who read between the lines of conversations, books and spaces. Those who have dreams that don’t make sense to others. Those who have information that seems to come through them, and who feel like no one else understands.

Guess what? I understand.

The world needs sensitive creatives. People like you who want to break out of the constrictive boxes society has put around them and live centered in their essential creative essence.

People who want to add value to the world in a unique way. Perhaps a way that hasn’t been offered before.

Problem is, sensitive creatives start out stuck. Living in a way that they feel they should live, rather than a way that fits them. And you want to live differently, but you just don’t know how.

The way forward is unclear. Who you are and what you bring to the world is also unclear.

This is why I’m here.

I help sensitive creatives like you bust out of the cage of your current life to find the clarity and tools needed to build a life that’s authentically you.

You can work with me, Anna, in a number of ways (Woot-Woot!). Clarity Counseling is my personal form transformational magic. You’ll get a combination of Intuitive Reading and Energy Alchemy (including healing blocked energy, cutting cords, clearing chakras, etc), plus tools from Ayurveda and yoga in order to create a tailored experience just for you. All of my magic is geared toward helping you achieve spiritual freedom.

Spiritual freedom is the state of being untethered from your personal ego stories, family programming and cultural expectations that keep you bound to a life of mediocrity, scarcity and fear – a life where you do what you’re told you “should” do instead of living the way you dream to live. Spiritual freedom is the journey to becoming sovereign – of being the ultimate authority of yourself and how you relate to the world around you.

I work with you when you want to be the authority in your own life – to have clarity and confidence to determine your own direction.


The Untamed Heroine

Six months of guidance. Two 60-minute sessions and $330 per month, paid monthly for six months.

This is where the most magic happens. Choose this when you’re ready to make some major changes and go from being the underdog to the heroine in the story of your life (and yes, introverts can be heroines!). Becoming a heroine takes guts and conviction, but don’t worry – finding those is part of the journey. For six months, I’ll help you shed that too-tight skin you’ve been wearing to find you, with room to breath. You’ll strengthen your sensitivity, discover your unique gifts and find the tools you need to live everyday as the heroine of your own life. I’m an expert at hand-holding, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way – but by the time we’re through, you won’t need me.


The Dauntless Diva

Three 60-minute sessions to be used in three months. $540, paid up front.

You want to make some big changes, but you don’t want a whole bootcamp. Maybe you’ve been moonlighting as a professional self-improvement specialist and you just need some guidance. You know you’re sensitive, and you know some things aren’t working, but your magic eight ball is getting rusty and you just need some clarity already! This is the option for you. You get three sessions with me to get your power back, clarify your direction and goals, and remove any gunk that’s keeping you from being your best sensitive self.


NEW – The Uncensored Mentorship

Three months of work together (4 hours a month). $660 per month, paid monthly for three months.

You’ve done the work. You are clear, an Untamed Heroine. You have your foundation. You’ve uncensored your sensitivity – you know who you are and how you want to be in the world. You just don’t know how to get there – you haven’t yet uncensored you. This mentorship is your next step, and it’s tailored for you. Want more psychic tools? Done. Want to start that unique, creative business? I can help. This is for sensitive creatives who have gained their confidence and are ready to start living it.


The Self-Reliant Starlet

One 60-minute session. $199, paid up front.

You know something in your life has got to give, but you’ve never done anything like this before and you don’t want to swim in the deep end just yet. You want an hour of clarity with someone who understands you, can give you guidance and leave you to do the heavy lifting. You want direction and you want it fast, with no fuss. This is the option for you. In this one hour session, I’ll help you find answers to your most pressing questions, do some energy alchemy and provide a plan for moving forward. This work is deep, but you were a mermaid in a past life and you can totes handle it.


NEW – The Compass Sessions

Five minutes of questions daily or weekly, $125 or $80 a month.

You want an economical way to make sure someone has got your back. These sessions connect you to me through an encrypted application and allow you weekly or daily access to me to ask questions, get guidance, and help you make big decisions.

Start Here: Intuitive Assessment

30-minutes. $30, paid up front.

You know you’re ready to change, but aren’t sure this whole uncensoring thing is really your jam. And a Transformation Guide? Just who does she think she is? Can she really help me? Here’s your chance to find out. In this 30-minute session, we’ll dive right into your questions and goals. I’ll bring my A-game to give you a clear picture for moving forward. You’ll get the the confidence you need begin your transformation with the peace of mind to know that there’s someone who understands and can help you. Worst case scenario, you leave with some clarity and skip off into the sunset. Best case, we braid each other’s hair you get a plan for putting you into the center of your life. Either way, you win.

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a rich inner life, filled with bright ideas that you just can’t seem to bring to life?
  • Do you struggle with “adulting” things like money and stability, but have mad skills as a caregiver, artist, or intellect?
  • Do you pick up on the moods and emotions of others? Do you have a hard time separating them from your own?
  • Do you feel everything in a room, even when you don’t want to?
  • Do regular situations, like your workplace, shopping, or social gatherings overwhelm you?
  • Do you have a hard time understanding your needs and emotions because everyone else’s are in the way?
  • Do you struggle to find your inner voice?
  • Do you feel like you’re always accommodating others in order to avoid conflict?
  • Do you understand the energy body, or feel drawn to learning about it?
  • Do you feel like you are part of something larger, but don’t understand what it is?
  • Are you seeking more sustained joy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we were made for each other. Dip your toes in with an Intuitive Assessment and make some magic happen.

If you’re looking for courses or workshops instead, those are over here!

P.S. You might notice that my services seem to be written for women. They’re not – they’re for everyone. I figure that if I’ve been called “guys” all my life, you men can handle being called a diva every now and then, amiright?