You’re sensitive. I get it.

You do things differently than everyone else. You even seem to feel differently than everyone else. You’re constantly worried you’re somehow “doing life wrong,” and can’t ever seem to connect with a stable source of inner truth.

You’re sensitive. I get it.

You do things differently than everyone else. You even seem to feel differently than everyone else. You’re constantly worried you’re somehow “doing life wrong,” and can’t ever seem to connect with a stable source of inner truth.


...that truth that nudges you every morning when you set off for your job with the beige walls and monotony and mono-tone Gary, who asks you every eight seconds if you have plans this weekend - Remember when you were seven and dreamed of deep blues and textured walls and doing something creative with your life?  there must be something better.

...that truth that moans from the tension in your neck, the turbulence in your tummy and the creeping (or screaming) sense of anxiety- This isn’t working.

Sensitivity is power. It’s your power. In truth, it’s the way you navigate the world and the access point from which you can do anything.

So if you’re looking for your deep, inner truth, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s true what they say - the answers are inside of you.

But if you could access them solo, you would have already. You’re so close to remembering. To knowing.
Let’s get you the rest of the way together.
This is where I come in.

I’m Anna, an Intuitive Consultant. Having me as your ally is like having a magic wand in your pocket (if that wand was a badass intuitive powerhouse who drank whiskey and swore like a sailor). The point is, I’ve got skills, and I use them to help your find your answers, your truth, your sensitive power.

I believe sensitivity is power - your power
- and that utilizing it as your superpower is the key that will change your life. I’ve put nine years of development into the tools I use to turn sensitive souls from passive and overwhelmed to sovereign and radiant.

Many of my clients go on to be professional healers themselves, start businesses, radically upscale a current enterprise to exponentially increase profit, clearly and confidently negotiate their position within the corporate world, use their intuition to make more money, set and confidently communicate boundaries with loved ones, or get on top of their health in a lasting way.

Most importantly, they’re celebrating their sensitive power and, in doing so, getting relief from being subject to corporate employment, creating real connection to a romantic partner and being seen - really seen - for the first time in their lives. They’ve found their place in the world, because they’ve stopped trying to fit a mold that was and will always be too small for them. (Psst… It’s too small for you, too.)

"I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason and when I started reading Anna’s website, tears began streaming down my face.  I knew immediately that I was meant to find this woman.

Anna has so much knowledge that she willingly shares with her students.  She listens intently and helps you uncover sweet insights about yourself that have been hidden away."

-Testimonial from Sharon Farrell

Ready to kick this off?
Let's Work Together
1:1 - The Sensitive Powerhouse Intensive

In person OR online, wherever you live!

The Sensitive Powerhouse Intensive is built for highly sensitive souls who want to step into the spotlight of their own life, have access to their inner truth, and intuit like a badass.

How it Works

  • Two 90-minute 1:1 Truth Revealing Video Sessions with me. I use my intuitive magic to dive deep into your psyche, energy body and soul in order to help you connect with your Truth. Together, we create a list of actionable steps for moving forward, then finish with an energy healing integration to set you up for success.
  • Two 90-minute 1:1 Accountability Sessions. We dig into the nitty-gritty action steps. You get the best of my magical and analytical minds to help you move forward.
  • Email and Whatsapp support so that you don’t get stuck. Getting stuck sucks, and getting unstuck is literally why you hired me.
  • Your personal Sensitive Powerhouse Compass - a workbook to prime you for each session, keep all your work in one place and keep you motivated on the journey.
  • Audio recordings of each session so you never miss a thing.

What you get

  • Clarity on the main issue you’re facing
  • An understanding of the patterns that brought you to where you are
  • Clarity on your unique sensitive system and your treasure map for success (i.e. A clear understanding of how you need to do things in order to succeed)
  • A clear pathway forward in reaching your goals
  • Knowing exactly who YOU are and what YOU need to stay connected to your truth
  • Personal, spiritual evolution and a higher vibrational frequency
  • A clear understanding of your unique gifts and how to powerfully use them in the world
  • A complete list of tools to help you tap into your deepest truth and clarity at any time

Your investment is $1997 (payment plans available)

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"Anna’s sessions have helped guide me to see inside the issues, inside the pain, to help me find the path out in a new way, a more connected way."

-Testimonial from Laurie Dewar

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"Anna Holden’s readings and healings will help you come home to yourself."

-Testimonial from Lori Callies

"As comforting as it sounds when traditional medicine claims to provide “individualized treatment” and “client-centered care”, the first time I ever actually experienced that was during my sessions with Anna. Anna moves through the confusion that disease and injury can create, methodically examining each body system and, laser-like, strikes right at the heart of the source, the cause, and the cure."

-Testimonial from Holly Repenn