I believe that sensitivity is strength.

Sensitivity, our ability to respond to our environment, is a human trait that has been shoved into a category of feminine and, like most feminine traits, stomped upon and crushed and fervently tamped down. For too long, we’ve related sensitivity to weakness and pushed it into the corner of our busy lives while bragging about how strong we are, even as our emotions eat us from the inside out and we grow more distant from the people we love.

I want to change the way we understand and use sensitivity culturally and personally.

Sensitivity, like all feminine traits, has been unjustly classified with weakness and undervalued. Just because sensitivity is a softness doesn’t mean it does not represent great strength. Many things in life are strong because of, not in spite of, their softness – a tree, as it grows dormant for the winter in order to face the harsh weather without breaking; a woman’s cervix, as it softens the final centimeters in order to make space for the passage of new life; our eyes, when we look at our lover and crave connection – we soften. Softness and compassion have taken a backseat to pride and ego in our relationships with others. We most often find ourselves in trouble when we become reactionary – when we become hardened in our responses with those we love, throwing insults like daggers and holding hard and stubborn to our need to be right, when indeed, having the courage to soften forges connection and builds stronger relationships.

I believe sensitivity is important biologically.

When I studied ecology and environmental studies in college, I took a special interest ecosystem biology and indicator species in particular. Indicator species are any biological species that define a trait or characteristic of a region or ecosystem. Indicator species are often the most sensitive species in a region, and act as an early warning system that an ecosystem is in peril. Biologists monitor the health of an entire region by studying indicator species. They take action in an area when these species show signs of distress, and they may work to build the numbers or strengthen the presence of these species.

In terms of human biodiversity, I believe that highly sensitive people are like the indicator species of our kind. Because of our sensitivities to our environment, including toxins, verbal and online vitriol, negative intentions and cruelty, we can indicate the health of our overall human and cultural environment.

It’s time we recognize our place and start the process of creating space for us, and for sensitivity in general, in our culture.

I believe that sensitivity is an indicator for the health of our human world.

Sensitivity involves sensing and responding to the world, and the people, around us. How well we utilize sensitivity to inform our relationships with our fellow humans, animals and the earth determines the longevity and health of those relationships. We are able to work together, play together, be together better because of sensitivity and its children – empathy and compassion. How well we’re able to create space for an strengthen sensitivity within our culture will largely determine the health of all of us – the planet and all on board.

Because unlike the indicator species in the plant and animal world, we don’t have biologists looking over us. All we have is ourselves.

Highly sensitive people have been hiding because the world is just too much sometimes.

We hide from our dreams. We hide from our desires. We hide from getting our needs met, because it’s so much easier to just help others. We hide from movements, and politics, and the evening news. Because those things are hard, and we are so soft.

But it’s exactly that – softness – that the world needs in order to heal.

And as I’ve worked with highly sensitive people, the thing I’ve noticed is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to hide. Because as we hide from the parts of the world that are too much, we also hide from our own authenticity. Our essential essence. Our soul’s calling. Our greatness and the parts of ourselves that we feel are “too much.”

Too magical, too creative, too spiritual, too innovative, too artsy to be practical, too soft to be of use.

And our spirits – our souls – are just not having it anymore. They’re calling us to action. They’re making us so uncomfortable that we finally seek guidance. We start to seek another way to be in the world. We’re seeking spiritual freedom.

I believe that spiritual freedom for sensitive individuals is the first step to building a world where sensitivity is revered.

Spiritual freedom is the state of being untethered from the personal ego stories, family programming and cultural expectations that keep us bound to a life of mediocrity, scarcity and fear – a life where we do what we’re told we “should” do instead of living the way we dream to live. Spiritual freedom is the journey to becoming sovereign – of being the ultimate authority of ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.

When we are tethered, we follow the rules. We fill in the boxes. We live censored. And when sensitive people live censored, the world is much worse off. Sensitive people have the vision, talents and passion required for creating real change for themselves and the human race. But we can’t do this until we are free spiritually.

Spiritual freedom starts with the journey of becoming familiar with the spirit and subtle body, to start to untangle your true essence from the restrictions of your human story. Spiritual freedom allows you to feel a deep sense of peace, homecoming and confidence, and is the goal of all of my sessions, courses and workshops. When you live freely, you can pioneer the life you’ve dreamed of. When you utilize the tools of spiritual freedom, you create practical magic in an otherwise mundane world. You start living more authentically, filling a role as a cultural advisor, guide or healer (if not professionally than in your relationships). You create a new, more sensitive culture in unique and creative ways that allow your spirit to sing.

We are a culture unaccustomed to free-flowing sensitivity.

We are out of practice, awkward and uncoordinated. We have learned to shove our sensitivity down, put it away, win at all costs, fight through the pain, toughen up and stop being so sensitive.

We do not know how to be sensitive and feel confident, strong and centered. We are sensitivity virgins.

That’s why I created Sensitivity Uncensored. It’s a place to find your training wheels.
Sensitivity Uncensored is about learning how to use your sensitivity (or high sensitivity) to respond to your world. To find your sovereignty. It’s a place to practice living and leading from your sensitivity. It’s a safe place to let it all hang out, feel good about it, mess up, laugh with your friends and try again.

It’s a place to learn that you were meant to be here. In this time and in this place, just as you are.  You are here on purpose, and spiritual freedom is your birthright. You do things differently, and you need different tools and a different structure for understanding your life.

I believe that we need a new framework for understanding and unique tools for strengthening sensitivity and high sensitivity.

The work on this site is designed for YOU. It combines tools that to take you on the journey toward spiritual freedom – the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine and yoga, the magic of energy medicine and the brilliance of positive psychology. All of this to help you find and sustain joy YOUR way.

Highly sensitive people just get the subtle world. The spiritual world. You are a subtle sensor. You’re beautiful and earnest and sometimes you take on the weight of the world – and I completely understand that. You can transform your life. You can get free. And you can help our entire culture shift just by getting free and offering your most authentic self.

We have some work to do, both personally and culturally, to turn the tables to give sensitivity the value it deserves. To teach the world how to empathize. To change the cultural norms to support all people, not just those who most closely conform with the standards. It all starts with YOU working on your spiritual freedom, connecting to others who are doing the same, and living from the authenticity you find there. You can start here. Here, you can learn to energetically protect yourself, mindfully respond to your needs and the needs of others, effortlessly heal your own body and ultimately have more sustained joy. Doing work here allows you to step onto a sensitive pathway for self-discovery while developing meaningful, easy connections with others.

And when you and your new friends live from that authentic place, you move mountains. Cultural mountains. Through healing. And writing. And art. And protest. And resistance to the status quo. And community. You start to create a new culture.

I believe that, together, we can do this.

I’m tired of manifestos telling us to “put on your big-girl panties,” “soldier up,” or some other phrase born of toughness and traditional strength. Instead:

When you were born, you weren’t yet used to breathing. You probably cried at first because it felt scary. Maybe your breath was shallow, fast and rigid. But that has changed. See? Take a deep breath. Feel the softness in it. That softness? It’s keeping you alive. That’s strength. So this whole sensitivity thing? You’ve totally got this. Pretty soon, it will feel as easy as breathing.