Three 60-minute sessions to be used in three months. $540, paid up front.

Oh you Dauntless Diva, you!

Your three sessions are just a few clicks away!

Remember, sessions are done either in person at my office in Seattle, WA, via phone, or by Zoom video conferencing.

That way, I can work with you wherever in the world you live.

 Some notes about booking:

  • As you book, please pay attention to whether you’d like an in-person or Zoom conferencing appointment.
  • In-person sessions are available on Monday and Wednesday at 3417 Evanston Ave N #428, Seattle, WA 98103
  • Zoom appointments are available all weekdays.
  • There are several packages listed here. Please choose the Dauntless Diva (unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind, Diva!).
  • Packages are paid for first, booked second. You can always hit the “Back to Appointments” button to see available appointments first, then come back to buy the package, then make your booking.

Got it? You’re on your way to your appointments!