SIBO Update #6: I’m feeling SO MUCH better!

There is part of me that is afraid to write this entry, as if writing that I feel better will somehow jinx it all. But I really can’t deny it anymore: I feel tremendously better! Would I say 100%? No, not quite. Maybe something like 80 – 85%. The awful bloating has significantly decreased, nearly dissipated all together, even through … Read More

SIBO Update #5: My experience through antibiotics and the aftermath

I am feeling kind of snarky this morning and almost named this post, “Get out your fat pants! It’s digestive reset time!” But I didn’t, so that you might decide to read it. You’re welcome. Beware – like usual, I’m going to get real in this post and talk about the things that happen in a body going through digestive reset. Things … Read More

The SIBO Recipes That Make it Worthwhile

I’ve been on many types of “lifestyle” diets in my day. Some were to make me feel better after a few ailments drew me to seek relief — the Candida protocol to rid of systemic yeast symptoms, the Blood Type Diet to rule out food sensitivities, gluten-free to ward off digestive problems. Others because I was young and felt like … Read More