SIBO Update #5: My experience through antibiotics and the aftermath

I am feeling kind of snarky this morning and almost named this post, “Get out your fat pants! It’s digestive reset time!” But I didn’t, so that you might decide to read it. You’re welcome. Beware – like usual, I’m going to get real in this post and talk about the things that happen in a body going through digestive reset. Things … Read More

Transforming Yourself Without Ensuring Acceptance from Others

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on idea of transformation, authenticity, and healing. Now that I’ve been engaged for a over a week, I’ve found myself looking at the big events in my life as markers and the time in between as times of growth, change and transition leading to transformation. It’s as if these big events in some way … Read More

Emotional Hostage

I haven’t written for over a month. The holidays got to me, obligations, deadlines, responsibility. Vacation also got to me, in a cold and snowy way that only my home of Utah can provide. I spent time with my family. I detached from reality for a while. I remembered how much I love red wine with holiday fare and I … Read More

Tool #4: The First Essential Step to Healing: Havingness

As we start to move into the holiday season, we often start to think of all the things we’re asked to give. Give thanks, give presents, give time, give energy, give give give give give. Don’t get me wrong, giving is great! When done in the right attitude, it helps us cultivate gratitude, which helps us find more contentment and … Read More