Abigail Rose Clarke is a somatic educator focusing on anti-oppression education and strategic, somatic methods to create lasting change in our personal and professional lives, rippling out from individual to systemic change. By helping people truly inhabit their own skin and blood and guts and bones she offers a way to re-enter into true relationship with the world.  As the developer of The Embodied Life Method, Abigail teaches embodiment as a practice and a responsibility. As the world shakes and burns and floods, as white supremacy takes its death gasps, we are tasked with the enormous responsibility of remaining present to the world as it is, which requires we remain present to ourselves as we are. From here, the way forward becomes possible.

Her work is enormously influenced by her study and practice of Embodyoga® of which she is a senior teacher, as well as her background as a trained scientist. In addition to online and in-person teaching of The Embodied Life Method, Abigail also trains yoga teachers in the US and Mexico, where she makes her home in the indigenous village of Yelapa on the Jalisco coast. Learn more about Abigail and her work at www.abigailroseclarke.com

In this episode, Abigail and I discuss:

  • Her transition from working primarily as a business coach and somatic practitioner and into a role leading anti-white supremacy spaces
  • Her working definition of white supremacy as, “The automatic assumption that white people are better than everyone else.”
  • White supremacy takes white people away from the earth, away from the land and puts us as rules over everything else.
  • Why white people are requires to do the work of dismantling white supremacy
  • Why white people need to talk about this, figure it out, listen to people of color, but not rely on people of color for our education and process
  • Why it’s important to focus on whiteness, rather than being a “black ally” (which isn’t a thing)
  • The importance of learning to listen to people of color, rather than centering our own ideas and feelings
  • Why people of color, especially women, are the ones who have the knowledge and vision for the blueprint of what comes next
  • How our history was actually one of creating laws around slavery in order to keep white people in positions of power, from which we developed racist attitudes. Racism is baked into the laws that we founded our country upon.
  • A nod to Abigail’s Facebook Live video speaking about white fragility
  • What white fragility is and how it works; how it can become weaponized toward people of color
  • The correct response to being called out by a person of color (aka: the only response that’s NOT white fragility)
  • The dangers of white feminism and how it colonizes the work of women of color
  • The problems created by spiritual white people with good intentions
  • The problem with “not seeing color”
  • Abigail’s Skeleton Key:Dismantle program for white, cis-gendered women to dismantle their own white supremacy, my experience in the course, the safe container her course creates, the wonderful way Abigail holds that space
  • Abigail’s program starts February 4th, 2018 – registration ends February 2nd. Learn more and register at www.abigailroseclarke.com/dismantle

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