Today I speak with web and technology guru Nickole Gipps of That Super Girl, her own website hosting, security and management company. We discuss a common theme that sensitive creatives face – that of seeing the technology side of business as a hurdle. Rather than letting technology scare you into shelving your dream, Nikole shares with us how to take a different approach to technology in order to keep our dreams, projects and businesses alive.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

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  • The pattern I see in creatives of getting confident to get their magic in the world and getting stuck on the hurdle of technology
  • How Nikole saw this same pattern and wants to help with, and why it’s important to get help from the right people
  • Nikole’s experience in the technology field, working for start ups and being seen as the computer geek with the magic wand who makes things amazing
  • Nikole’s experience with male programmers
  • How Nikole interacts with clients like a real person, who knows how to interact with creatives, introverts and moms
  • Why technology is all about the client’s needs and experience
  • Why it’s really important to ask questions and to believe that there is no such thing as a stupid question
  • It’s not a shortcoming to focus on what you’re good on and hand the stuff you don’t like doing to someone else
  • Don’t think of things in terms of the tech. Instead of asking for a specific tech “thing,” tell someone what you need your technology to do, what your budget is, etc. Use your own works to describe what you need. Leave the tech language up to the techies.
  • It’s okay to tell your tech person you want it to be low maintenance
  • It’s okay to start small. It’s okay to have your website/tech be very basic. It’s all up to what YOU want.
  • Instead of crowdsourcing tech answers, talk to someone about what you’re looking for so they can help you find the best solution for you
  • Why a WordPress platform is easiest if you think you might want to expand functionality in the future, but you can still start very basic
  • There are cheap hosting accounts that will install WordPress for you. GoDaddy has a managed WordPress account for about $7-10/month that will get you started and is secure. This is a great option to start out with something basic that can be exported and added onto in the future.
  • The biggest gift I gave myself in the first year of business (to do it my own way)
  • Give yourself time and permission to figure out how this is going to work for you, then change your tech as you grow
  • Why it might not be a great idea to invest a lot of money in branding in the beginning (it might change more quickly than you realize). Start with the basics.
  • Your business should reflect your personality
  • The biggest reason to hire a tech/web person is to protect your website from hackers
  • The time to hire someone to do this is when you’ve invested in your branding, you’ve built up a big library of posts, etc.
  • The benefit of having a tech person on your team to talk through technical aspects of doing business
  • The super cool work that Nikole is doing with technology in schools for underrepresented and disenfranchised kids and her incredible dedication to this work

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