Today I’m getting my thoughts out about the colonization, cultural appropriation, and white-washing often found in New Age spirituality, especially within spiritual circles of white women. I discuss the problems with spiritual bypassing, the need for spirituality to include social justice, and advocate for spiritual responsibility – an embodied spirituality that includes action in the physical world. I ask the question, “What would decolonizing spirituality look like, and how do we start?”

I do not know the answers, but I give my thoughts and suggestions on where to start. In this podcast, I ask for your voice – please listen and then send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • I will do this imperfectly. I will do things wrong. I will listen, I will readjust, I will change.
  • I want to talk about the ways that our current New Age spirituality can be harmful.
  • Part of my process for getting ready for this podcast – writing up spiritual myths on Instagram, imagination branding shoot with In Her Image Photography, and how preparing for this helped me gain the courage for this conversation.
  • How “thoughts and prayers” aren’t a good enough response to world events
  • How spiritual bypassing can create damage and trauma to others
  • Why there aren’t things that are “more spiritual” or “less spiritual” and the problems that arise when we think of things that way.
  • The focus on liberation at the cost of grounding and addressing human problems
  • An overview of the energy system and the transcendent channel and grounding channel
  • What happens energetically when we spiritually bypass
  • What kinds of damage spiritual bypassing does and why
  • Norms, marginalization, and the ways spiritual bypassing actually perpetuates these problems
  • How it can feel light and good to be all about love and light and not about “messy” human issues
  • Responsible spirituality looks for the liberation of all of us
  • How white people tend to appropriate spiritual ideas not meant for them or their lifestyle
  • A few spiritual myths I’ve posted on Instagram. Follow me @sensitivityuncensored
  • Spiritual myth, “your vibe attracts your tribe,” and why it’s harmful
  • Spiritual white women don’t have the answers to a decolonized spiritual future, women of color do
  • Some personal work we can do work dismantling white supremacy, and how we can raise the voices of women of color
  • Spiritual myth that some emotions give us a “low vibration” and what the truth is
  • The Molecules of Emotion, a book by Candace Pert
  • Healing Through the Dark Emotions, a book by Miriam Greenspan, uses this information to help you work with emotions
  • How do we start?
  • I don’t have the answers, but I have some ideas
  • Dig into your ancestry and reclaim your roots
  • Learn to ground, get into our bodies, get sensitive to the world around us
  • Please email me your thoughts and ideas at
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