Today I speak with Ane Axford, a Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Sensitive Leadership. She created the Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs for highly sensitive people, a framework that puts Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs on it’s head to help hsps understand how they get their needs met in a unique way.

Today, Ane talks to us about a very personal subject: her story of growing up in and eventually leaving a conservative Mormon faith in order to find a spiritual path that feeds her soul.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About Ane’s work with Sensitive Leadership, and what it is
  • How highly sensitive people work differently with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • How some spiritual practices are actually disconnecting for highly sensitive people
  • Ane’s experience growing up in a conservative Mormon faith, and her unique family experience
  • Her experience of Mormonism and how it, and other conservative faiths, affect attachment and identity
  • Some foundational facts about Mormonism, to help law framework for Ane’s story
  • Ane’s experience of watching her family member’s different reactions and experiences of Mormonism
  • When Ane starting to feel doubt about her Mormon faith
  • The “box” of things associated with her faith she never knew what to do with
  • Challenges she had with the Mormon faith
  • How any always had a sense of being guided and a sense of inner Truth
  • How Ane’s faith had her question if she was a “bad person”
  • How an experience in a hypnotherapy workshop changed her perspective of Spirit
  • The experience she had with her family and friends as she started to move away from Mormonism
  • The difference Ane noticed in her reasons for leaving and how her family and friends explained her leaving
  • How integrity plays a big role in choosing a spirituality that works for us
  • Ane’s period of creating space away from Utah and Mormonism and the challenges she faced reintegrating into her home town culture
  • How Ane’s future dreams were stripped from her, since she had to figure out what they were for herself now, and because they weren’t the same as her family and friend’s, and how she handled grief
  • Ane’s reintegration through social media and her courage to speak toward social justice issues intertwined with the Mormon faith
  • How and why Ane moved back to Utah from New York City
  • Ane’s period of spiritual fasting
  • Ane’s reintegration to a personal sense of spirituality
  • What we do wrong when talking about religion
  • How we can do better
  • Ane’s transition to a spiritual faith of becoming a Medicine Person and using plant medicine
  • What her spirituality looks like now and how she is in practice with it
  • What it means for her to lead spiritual groups or churches
  • What she’s faced with now, spiritually
  • How Ane is considering bringing the Self into spirituality, and bringing Spirit into physiology (embodied spirituality)
  • Her most useful definition of god: the necessarily personal relationship everyone has with your being and belonging and how we personally exist
  • How profound the birth of her son is for her

Learn more about Sensitive Leadership here.

Follow Ane’s personal website here.

Get Ane’s Little Book of Sensitive Leadership here. In it, you’ll find a link to her Whatsapp coaching work, ane::time.


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