Janelle Hardy is a writer, artist and body and soul worker from the feral northwest of Canada. She works with sensitive soulful seekers, guiding them back into wholeness through transformational memoir-writing, what she calls Personal Mythmaking. With a background in dance, anthropology and Structural Integration, she believes that reclaiming and rewriting our life stories, inhabiting our bodies and rooting into our cultural and ancestral backgrounds are what resource us to live fully and joyfully in the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Janelle weaves together her different skills and backgrounds into a coherent, beautiful business
  • How she sees memoir writing as medicine, and a quick primer on the philosophy behind her memoir writing course, Personal Mythmaking
  • About the importance of reclaiming your history
  • How North Americans are in the age of “great forgetting” – of ancestry, cultural heritage, spiritual heritage and more
  • How reclaiming our stories must include the basic framework of where, who and from what we came from, and how this knowing gives us power
  • How Janelle’s own search for her family stories was incredibly empowering
  • How and why Janelle uses fairytales in her podcast and her Personal Mythmaking course
  • How Janelle’s memoir writing program helps uncover rich themes you may not have written about yourself
  • Why it’s important to get into your body in order to write your story
  • A bit about one of Janelle’s recent blog posts – an open letter to healers and highly sensitive people, and her intent behind that post
  • The difference between being highly sensitive and living from our wounds, and being highly sensitive and learning how to be resourced
  • Janelle’s tips on building capacity, prioritizing joy, and living whole-heartedly
  • Specifics of Janelle’s Personal Mythmaking course

Janelle’s Personal Mythmaking Memoir Writing course starts February 19th. 

If you’ve been longing to reconnect with your body, tap back into your creativity, and release judgment, pain and confusion in yourself and your lifestories, Personal Mythmaking is for you. Plus, you’ll have the first draft of your memoir written.

Personal Mythmaking School is 15 week online course in which you write your memoir as you explore and rewrite your own personal stories. This is creative, embodied transformative work, it starts February 19th and runs for 15 weeks. http://www.janellehardy.com/personal-mythmaking/
When you sign up, use the code Sensitivity to redeem a special bonus of a one-on-one session with her.

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