Elizabeth Rainey (aka: Rainey) is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and somatic experiencing practitioner-in-training. Today, she tells us how her early life of pushing and controlling her body lead to a journey of deep listening and finding her innate resiliency. She teaches everything she has learned out of her studio office in Seattle, and online through video conferencing to people all over the world. Find out more about Rainey at www.elizabethrainey.com

In this podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Rainey’s personal story from pushing to resourcing and the practices of yoga, yoga therapy, Continuum Movement, and Somatic Experiencing
  • How our soul’s voice speaks to us in the face of our social conditioning, and how these whispers often act like seeds
  • The divine timing HSP’s tend to have when it comes to listening to the voice of the soul and following their hearts
  • Why Rainey made the shift from alignment-based asana to Continuum and SE
  • What trauma is and how it acts in the body
  • What it looks like when we’re living with trauma
  • How the practices she offers help renegotiate the affects of trauma in the body
  • What resiliency is and how we find it
  • A quick practice to get a very small taste of the kinds of tools that help you find resiliency

Links and resources:

Find more about Rainey at her website www.elizabethrainey.com

Try one of Rainey’s Resiliency Sessions – you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Join a Refresh and Revive Day Retreat with Rainey, information on this downloadable flyer: Refresh & Revive Retreats 2018 Flier


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