In this episode, Sukie and I take a deep dive into the connection between our mind and body – how they relate, how the nervous system plays a role, and the link between how we live in our bodies and how we live in our lives.

Sukie Baxter is, in short, a writer and radical bodyworker who uses tangible, movement-based practices to examine the parallels between how her clients are moving their bodies and how they’re moving through life.

She solves the surface problem of helping people move better, and the deeper problem of re-introducing them to themselves, and getting them back into their bodies. Through her work, she helps change happen by encouraging her clients to embody it through their cells and nervous system, utilizing the body to affect brain tissue through the medium of movement.

Sukie provides a measurable method of change through the principle of treating the body and brain as one.

Sukie works with clients all around the globe through her digital Space Lab course and Prison Break Sessions as well as more intimately through in-person work on location in her Seattle studio.

Her writing and work have been featured in media such as Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and Practical Horseman.

When she’s not working with clients, Sukie can mostly be found imbibing coffee while elbow-deep in dust and mud at the barn with her formerly-wild mustang, Shelby. Or, alternately, snuggled on the couch with one of her two fluffy felines.

In this episode, you’ll hear Sukie and I discuss:

  • What “taking up space” means
  • How staying small has to do with the social contracts we’ve agreed to that don’t serve us, and how to become conscious and courageous to the contracts we do take on
  • How we’ve come to accept a belief that the body is somehow “lesser” than the mind or the spirit, and how damaging that is
  • The damage caused by the drive to “be bigger and bigger” and push through pain or discomfort
  • How we can learn to feel more than just pain
  • How find the amount of space we want to take up, and how that is so individual

Near the end of the episode, Sukie guides us into a body practice to help you understand the space you’re taking up and where you might go from there. **Please don’t do this exercise while you’re driving.* And be sure to finish the end of the podcast for a great reminder from Sukie.

Sukie offers listeners a video from her digital video suite, The Space Lab. This program is an amazing way to learn how to use your body as the gateway for taking up more space in your life. Check out this gift of your video at

Learn more about Sukie’s Space Lab at

Find out more about Sukie at


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