Each week on the podcast, I explore different aspects of living a soulful, sensitive life. I’ll bring you stories of other sensitive, creative pioneers as well as my own thoughts, teachings and tools. This is not the beginner’s guide to sensitivity, but rather the place for sensitive souls to gather up their courage and pioneer their way into a life of personal freedom and spiritual sovereignty.

Your sensitivity is sacred – are you ready to live that way?

Episode 1: On Being a Sensitive Creative Pioneer with Heidi Frank Palmer

In this episode, I interview Heidi Frank Palmer, owner of Subtle Body Solutions and co-creator of The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion. We talk about Heidi’s unique history of moving from college business major to spiritual business owner. Further, we discuss the life-art of sensitive pioneering – embracing and living from a sensitive, creative center – and what it takes to sustain life there.




Episode 2: I believe high sensitivity can save the world

Just me this week, as I take you through the meanderings of my mind to help you understand how I view, relate to and work with high sensitivity. This podcast sets up the main assumptions, lenses and perspectives I use to drive content on The Soul of Sensitivity. I’ll walk you through what high sensitivity is, what the strengths and challenges are, my connections between ecosystem dynamics and highly sensitive people and how my focus in this podcast is on teaching and discussing methods for resiliency, not hibernation or retreat.



Episode 3: Taking Up Space with Sukie Baxter

Sukie Baxter invites highly sensitive people to take up space – in our bodies and in our lives. In this episode, we explore what exactly this means, plus cover how the body is the key to creating more space within our whole lives. At the end of the episode, Sukie takes us through a practice to help us understand how we’re currently taking up space in our body and how we can begin to make changes.