Every week or so, I send out a Sensitive Missive.

book-coverYou could also call it a love letter.

These missives include tips, essays and glittery invocations about sensitivity, intuition and, more specifically, how to live from your sensitivity rather than in spite of it. Sometimes, these gems are funny. Sometimes, they’re strictly informative. Sometimes I’ve made something that you can access with your dollars. Someone’s got to pay the bills, ya know.

And they’re real. I don’t dose up the fluff in favor of hiding what’s raw and real. That’s a promise.

Oh, and remember, you get my free e-book and a meditation just for signing up. The book is called *You Are a Goddamn Magical Unicorn* and it’s a handbook to thrive as a highly sensitive person. The meditation is a bonus. Because I already love you.

Are you in?


Concerned about how I use your data?  Let’s get transparent for a minute.

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