I’ve been a week in Seattle and the rains have finally come. I took a walk this morning in my new, knee-length rain jacket and listened to the pitter-patter of rain drops on my hood juxtaposed with the crashing of horse chestnuts falling from nearby trees and narrowly missing me, somehow, every time.  I wasn’t even a quarter through my short morning walk when I was sighing from the heat and removing a layer of clothing from beneath my jacket.  I haven’t quite remembered how to layer for cool weather.  I spent so long in southern California that I seem to think any temperature below 60 is cold and requires multiple layers. The outcome is that I end up sweating through all of my jaunts outside.

But I’m learning, and as long as I picture myself in some sort of “Seattle kindergarten,” then I can laugh at myself and try again tomorrow.

The move went smoothly. My house, room, and four roommates are fantastic.  On a clear morning, of which I had a few in this first week, I can see out past Lake Washington from my bedroom window during a rosy sunrise. I live in a big, old house near the University of Washington, which has its advantages and disadvantages.  The house is beautiful — three stories, hardwood floors throughout the upper two floors, set on a wide street with other similar houses.  It’s near a beautiful, wooded ravene park. Many of our neighbors are families, although a few are rentals like us and host UW students. On my first Saturday night, someone through such a raging party that our windows almost rattled. Thankfully, they quieted down by 10 so I could get some sleep.

I’ve remembered the joys of bike commuting.  I switched out the clip-less petals on my mountain bike for flats and started riding around on it.  I’ve realized pretty quickly that first, that bike is too flashy to be riding around in a high bike-theft area, and second, that what I really want to be commuting on around here is a road bike (seriously, my legs are already getting huge from hefting that huge frame up all these hills).  So I’m working on figuring that out.  In the mean time, I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to the store, the YMCA, the park, the cafe, the bar, and the burrito place (which, I was right, just doesn’t add up to the quality of those OB burritos. Insert sad face here).

I’ve been working part time from my computer as an administrative assistant for a local yoga therapist.  I love the job, I just wish it was more hours. I’ve been looking for more work and trying not to get too frightened at the dwindling numbers in my bank account during the search.  I figured out how to jump through all the hoops of practicing Ayurveda in the state of Washington, which requires me to have a “hands on touch” license.  It will just take me passing the national massage test and paying a massage school a transfer fee, and paying for a new license.  All to the tune of about $700.  So I’m working towards that, I just don’t yet know when it will all come together.

I’m still working on feeling my way through life rather than thinking so much. I really tend to over-think, over analyze, to the point that I can make a problem out of anything.  I’m working on surrendering to my life, rather than pretending I have so much control.  I knew it was right to move here, so I know that the Universe will take care of me. I just like to have answers to things and the not knowing is so challenging!  But when I worry I do silly things like I did yesterday, which was slip down the stairs in my hurry out the door and sprain my finger.  There’s nothing like a painful digit to remind you to slow down and be a bit more mindful.

Speaking of surrendering and feeling my way through life. I’ve been working on my vision of how I want to help people heal. I love Ayurveda and believe in its ability to help us heal, but I also use my intuitive skills a lot when working with clients. To that end, I’ve joined a medical intuitive training program called the Wellness Alchemy Master Healers program.  Many of you know that I am a clairvoyant (intuitive, psychic, same thing), and some of you have had readings from me.  Now I’ll be practicing giving Wellness Alchemy healings over the next year, so please contact me if you’d like to schedule an appointment. I see myself using this skill in combination with Ayurveda, Yoga and massage to offer clients whole body-mind-spirit healing.

So that’s my experience in Seattle so far.  I’ll keep you posted.  Oh, one more thing — the coffee here is excellent.

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