The School for Sacred Rebellion

You are designed to be an intuitive, healing badass. This school gets you there.

The School for Sacred Rebellion is a place for sensitive and empathic souls to claim their natural, inherent, intuitive gifts. Whether you are a practiced, professional healer wanting to up your game or soul who is interested in spelunking into the spiritual world, The School is the place where you can fill your tool bag with everything you might need for the journey.

"Anna’s background in scientific inquiry, Ayurveda, and yoga, as well as her life experiences, allow her to provide profound, insightful, and unique clarity counseling. Add to that her energy alchemy and working with Anna has been a healing sanctuary for me."

-Testimonial from Heidi T.

Intuitive Oracle Card Class

Either you're new or seasoned to the world of oracle cards and you want to take your reading to the next level.

Join me for this one hour class where I share my secrets for accurate, intuitively-based oracle card readings.

All you need to sign up is an oracle card deck of your choosing (I will be using The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack).

Friday, May 10th, 12pm PST. Online. The class is recorded for those who can't be there live. $25.

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"Anna is a gifted and creative intuitive and I can always count on her honesty and integrity.  She has helped me to uncover the wonderful benefits of being an HSP and she strives to help her students grow both emotionally and spiritually."  

-Sharon Farrell

Activating the Healer

Energy healing training for new practitioners

You are a healer. We just help you remember.

This program is perfect for the beginning practitioner - you've taken a few classes and read a few books. Here, you get to know yourself, develop an awareness of your energy field and a solid spiritual hygiene practice, learn the practical foundational skills of energy healing, then activate the healer within you. This section works from the place that affirms that you are already a healer, my job is to help you re-member (literally, bring back the parts of healing you’ve forgotten).

Experience Level: New Practitioners

Perfect For: Those interesting in pursuing energy healing as a career, or those who want a deep dive into the spiritual world of healing.

Class length: 1-day intensive (8 hours)

Tuition: $325

Prerequisite: Spiritual Hygiene, Sensitive Self Defense or Cape-ability. If you haven't taken any of these, contact me - we can catch you up in a couple of individual sessions.

The path of an energy healer is rarely something that we choose - the path chooses us. The question is - do we have the commitment to learning, practicing, and integrity that the path requires?

Activating the Healer affirms that you are already a healer - you just need skills and protocols grounded in both ancient and modern science, guidance from an experienced practitioner, and a safe space to learn and grow.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • What energy healing is (and isn't)
  • How to engage safely with energy healing
  • The principles of energy healing
  • How to heal yourself
  • How to pair with healing guides (spirit guides) to help you heal safely
  • A structure, system and framework for energy healing
  • How to conduct a full aura healing and start learning how to identify blocking energies

The one-day intensive includes a full day of learning, light snacks and lunch.

Tuesday, May 21st, at my home  Southeast of Seattle.

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"Anna and her superhero powers are an indispensable ally for highly sensitive people."

-Testimonial Heidi T.

Professional Intuitive Reading Program

You are intuitive. Gain structure. Build confidence.

This program focuses on development of all of the “clair’s” – clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience.

This course teaches you how your intuitive gifts work, and which channels and methods you prefer. I don’t teach you WHAT the clairs do. I teach you HOW they work and allow you to explore and bring your unique abilities to light.

Prerequisites: Activating the Healer or by application (email me).

Experience level: Advanced Practitioners

Perfect for those who want to be a professional intuitive who gives readings, or for experienced practitioners in another field who want to add intuitive reading to their modality.

Class length: 120+ hours of live or live online classroom time, including public reading clinics.

Tuition: $2697 paid in full, or $318/month for 9 months ($2862 total)

Here’s what you learn:

  • Summoning the Seer - clairvoyant training. Safely read and interpret the energy body of yourself and others. Access akashic records, read past life energy, trauma, spirit guides - we cover it all.
  • Invoking the Oracle - claircognizant training. Open the channel to clear knowing and accurately use it to receive information on personal and cultural energies.
  • Tuning the Radio - clairsentient and clairaudient training - attune to the energies of clear feeling and clear hearing. Trust your sensations, hear voices safely and clearly.
  • Integration Mentorship - put it all together in a way that is unique to you and your purposes moving forward. Extra help from me.

Here’s what you get:

  • Nine months of training
  • Close-knit spiritual support circle
  • Weekly practice on members of the public
  • Monthly energy checks (mini-readings) to keep you clear
  • Graduation event
  • Help starting your practice if you choose to have one

I believe, in the deepest place within my heart, that you are here because you are called to do this work.

I believe, within the deepest folds of my soul, that you are sensitive for a reason – you’re here to do your part in saving our world, our souls, our planets.

This course isn’t for the faint of heart. It will test you – and not in the slaying dragons kind of way (although that does sound fun), but in the deeply uncomfortable way that seeing shadow makes us squirm.

In the way that sitting down to meditate and hearing our ego scream “I DON’T WANT TO!” In the way that confronting who we are might result in a shatter point of how we’ve lived and ask us, rather demandingly, to change.

We’ll have fun, too – I promise. Remembering to be an intuitive is remembering that all of life is energy, and that the key to helping energy flow is in amusement, light-heartedness, and neutrality.

So you’ll reach new levels of discomfort armed with neutrality. You’ll find yourself staring down the barrel of that thing your mother said to you that has kept you trapped for decades and be able to giggle.

You will come undone. Blissfully, gleefully undone. And then armed with the ability to finally know your deepest truth, put yourself back together. Weave a new tapestry.

Like a magical fucking badass.
Oh, and then you’ll have what you need guide others in their own awakenings. (If you so choose).

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Have the prereqs? Great! Check back later to see when this course is launching again!

"Everyday I am thankful for the community these courses have created - a safe place."

-Testimonial from Megan

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"Issues that I had been working on for a LONG time were released effortlessly. I felt like I was 'lifted and laid clear' from old wounds."

-Testimonial from Lori Callies

"Anna is both insightful and easy to open up to and I was surprised at how accurate her reading was in every aspect of my life. Our session gave me more perspective and helped to remove blocks from achieving my full potential."

-Rachel Krentzman, PT, RYT