You’ve gained the tools necessary to stay safe and clear.

You’ve stuck your toes into healing and can see there’s still more.

This professional intuitive development program turns your dabbling into full-on spelunking.

Sensitive souls often feel the world in their bodies. Feeling (clairsentience) is often the most open of all the subtle sense organs for highly sensitive people – and we have no idea how to control it. It harms us. It gives us stomach aches, migraines, chronic pain, back problems and menstrual issues. It has us picking up other people’s emotions when all we want to be picking up is the take-out.

Without the right tools to work with it, it keeps us from enjoying life.

The first thing you learn in Part II is how to move from your second (clairsentient) chakra into your sixth (clairvoyant) chakra. Why? So that you can gain authority over the clairsentient (clear-feeling) patterns that are harming your body, start to clearly perceive the energy you’re automatically taking in or downloading, and open the clairvoyant channels which teach you how to relate to energy without taking it on.

The process of developing your clair’s gives you insight into yourself

The secret juju of this program is that the process of learning the clair’s in this program is unlike many others in that you are continuously learning about yourself, what keeps you stuck, what gets you triggered, and learning to move past those as we go. Each section of learning teaches you more about yourself as you learn to use these skills for others.

I firmly believe that the world needs more grounded healers doing their own work, and this program teaches you that.

What the world doesn’t need are more “love and light only,” spiritual bypassing “light-workers” who are disconnected from the world as it is and from their humanity. In this program, we address social and cultural issues head on, rather than bypass them with spiritual concepts. We work through a social justice lens so that you can be both of this world and connected to the more subtle realms.

Each section builds on the last

In Summoning the Seer, you gain the discipline and structure needed to stay clear, neutral and give intuitive readings accurately. You broaden your skillset by developing clairconizance in Invoking the Oracle, your clairsentience and clairaudience in Tuning the Radio, and putting all your skills together in the Integration Mentorship.

Through the entire program, expect to learn how to:

  • Set up a safe and effective intuitive reading space, including tools to get ready and clear before a reading and how to effectively separate after a reading
  • Identify programs, belief systems, control energies and other foreign energies creating blockages within the aura system
  • Read and understand each chakra and aura layer in detail
  • Give a soul’s path reading
  • Identify and read past life information
  • Access, utilize and work with the Akashic records
  • Safely and effectively work with spirit guides
  • Identify and communicate with helpful spiritual beings
  • Identify and safely work with unhelpful spiritual beings
  • Do deeper healing work not taught in the Healer classes
  • Work with karma and spiritual agreements
  • Read relationships and aid in harmonizing them
  • Work with spiritual genetics
  • Incorporate healing with an intuitive reading
  • Use automatic writing to perform a reading
  • Harmonize your energy field using sound
  • Incorporate clairsentient information in safe ways
  • Identify and heal cords, aura whacks and other spiritual wounds
  • Read the energy of cultural and societal pictures and receive answers about them
  • Recognize and work with ancestral lines
  • So. Much. More!



Don’t just learn – practice.

Once you are enrolled in this course, you will have ample opportunity and assignments to share, test and apply your new found skills. This will help you build confidence as you go, so that when the course is over, you’re not thrown out into the real world without any practical application.

Part Two finishes up with an Integration Mentorship, and here’s why

I’m giving you these tools so that you can go out and do YOU, The Intuitive. Not so that you turn into little Anna-bots where you copy and paste my method into your world. You are your own flavor of intuitive, and you need to figure out how to integrate your new tools with what YOU do.

Massage therapist? Physical therapist? Reiki practitioner? Life coach? Psychotherapist? Yoga therapist? Sex expert? Relationship guru? Acupuncturist? Naturopathic doctor? Medical doctor? All of the tools I present can aid you in your healing/intuiting endeavors, no matter what they are. If you’re an expert in a healing field and want to go deeper with your clients and patients, this course will help you.

Part Two includes all of these teachings, a library of tools, written materials, monthly energy-checks (20-minute intuitive check-ins) with Anna and a small, tight-knit cohort of students to learn with.

Ready to dive in?

(Remember, you must have taken Spiritual Hygiene and Activating the Healer Level One first)

Enrollment begins Spring 2019 – check back soon for dates!