You are wired to be a healer.

Learn how to do it safely and effectively.

In Spiritual Hygiene, you mastered the art of awareness – you know what your energy body feels like, how to ground and release energies that aren’t yours, how to take care of yourself emotionally and energetically, and now you want to move into the realm of energy healing.

Energy healing is a sacred art, a divine gift, and a privilege.

And – the real truth?

It’s not about healing at all.

Energy healing is not about helping. It’s not about a manipulation, knowing better, or fixing things.

Rather, it’s facilitating a healing conversation between the person in front of you, yourself and your guides, and the Powers Greater Than we.

As you’ll learn in this course, when we want to “fix” or “heal,” we actually get in the way – this is what happens when healers or practitioners feel drained after a day working with clients. We don’t want to use our own energy to heal – rather, we want to tap into the universal energy around us and use our human body and our intuition as guideposts.

In these courses, you’ll learn how to do just that and more.

ATH Level 1 includes learning how to:

  • Work safely and effectively with spirit guides and healing guides
  • Facilitate an aura healing
  • Help someone ground and release foreign energies
  • Identify energy blockages and release them
  • Cut cords
  • Return energy back both to yourself and to your healee

ATH Level 2 includes learning how to:

  • Deepen your healing skills – see more, heal more
  • Connect with higher level healing guides to work deeper on the spirit-body connection
  • Work with pain and other physical symptoms
  • Help the healee’s body and spirit communicate harmoniously
  • Complete a 20-30-minute aura healing accurately on someone you don’t know

Prerequisite: Spiritual Hygiene (or graduate of Sensitive Self Defense or Cape-Ability)

Each Level is four weeks long and includes experiential learning, a resource list with all the tools, lots of practice, and two 30-minute intuitive energy checks with Anna or an advanced student. At some point during your training, you’ll have the option to participate in a public healing event.



Enrollment for early 2019 classes opens soon!