If you’re sensitive or empathic, you were designed to be an intuitive healing badass.

This school gets you there.

The School for Sacred Rebellion is a place for sensitive and empathic souls to claim their natural, inherent, intuitive gifts. Whether you are a practiced, professional healer wanting to up your game or soul who is interested in spelunking into the spiritual world, The School is the place where you can fill your tool bag with everything you might need for the journey.

You don’t have to want to be a professional intuitive or healer to join this school, but you’ll be good enough when it’s through to have the option.

Along the journey, you’ll learn about yourself. You’ll start to build a keen awareness of yourself and your energetic, vibrational field. You’ll learn how to identify the patterns and programs that have held you back, kept you scared, hid you in uncomfortable contentedness, and turned you into the “nice girl/boy.” You’ll learn why you developed these patterns, how to heal them in yourself (and identify and help heal them in others), how to develop bomber boundaries and show up in the world as the person you were always meant to be.

In The School for Sacred Rebellion, we don’t just give birth to healers and intuitives – through the process of learning, we re-birth ourselves into the badass healers we were built to be.

The School is divided into two parts, with multiple sections in each part. Here’s a run down of each class and the sequence of the school. Click on each class button for more info or to reserve your spot!


Start here. Part One is all about getting to know yourself, developing an awareness of your energy field and a solid spiritual hygiene practice, then activating the healer within you. This section works from the place that affirms that you are already a healer, my job is to help you re-member (literally, bring back the parts of healing you’ve forgotten). Start with Spiritual Hygiene (aka: Sensitive Self Defense). If you love it, continue to Activating the Healer. Both are required for moving into Part Two.




You are intuitive, and I’m going to help you access the ways in which you are. Part Two focuses on development of all of the “clair’s” – clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience.

If Activating the Healer was a dive into the woo world, this is the deep dive. This is where you learn to breath in underworlds of shadow and light as you navigate the human energy system. This program prepares you to be a professional intuitive – should you want to be. Personally, it prepares you courageously navigate your own energy system – trauma, old wounds, patterns, programming – and move forward courageously. It teaches you sacred methods of connecting to yourself, your guides and the powers greater than we.

More than anything, this course teaches YOU how your intuitive gifts work, and which you prefer. I don’t teach you WHAT the clairs do. I teach you HOW they work and allow you to explore and bring your unique abilities to light.

This course isn’t for the faint of heart. It will test you – and not in the slaying dragons kind of way (although that does sound fun), but rather in the deeply uncomfortable way that seeing shadow makes us squirm. In the discomfort of sitting down to meditate when our ego screams “I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE!” In the way that confronting who we are might result in a shatter point of how we’ve lived and ask us, rather demandingly, to change.

We’ll have fun, too – I promise. Remembering to be an intuitive is remembering that all of life is energy, and that they key to helping energy flow is in amusement, light, and neutrality. So you’ll reach new levels of discomfort armed with neutrality. You’ll find yourself staring down the barrel of that thing your mother said to you that has kept you trapped for decades and be able to giggle. 

You will come undone. Blissfully, gleefully undone. And then armed with the ability to finally know your deepest truth, put yourself back together. Weave a new tapestry.

Like a magical fucking badass.

Oh, and then you’ll have what you need guide others in their own awakenings. (If you so choose).

* * * *

Part Two is a single program. When you enroll, you enroll in all of them. I break down the sections here for you to gain better insight into what you’ll be learning and the structure of the material.




I believe, in the deepest place within my heart, that you are here because you are called to do this work.

I believe, within the deepest folds of my soul, that you are sensitive for a reason – you’re here to do your part in saving our world, our souls, our planets.

I want you, dear one.

Your sensitivity is the gateway to this work.

What the world has called your too-muchness is the prerequisite to step into this magic.

Only one question remains – are you ready?