Psst! The world has been lying to you.

It’s told you to toughen up, straighten up, sit down, keep quiet, do the right thing and be the person everyone else wants you to be.

So you wear the too-tight life like a pair of hipster jeans, uncomfortable and pinching, and you keep your head down and your eyes on the road, because you’ve been told that if you just keep doing everything you “should” do, you’ll be rewarded eventually. Right? Right?!?

You’re not crazy for doing it all – in fact, the opposite, really. As a sensitive soul, you are deeply empathic, incredibly smart and totally tuned-in to what the world (and the people in it) desires from you.

There’s just one little really big problem with that.

You weren’t meant to live in those shoes – the shoes that are too small, and rub blisters out of all your miles of accommodation, and aren’t shiny enough and, if we’re being honest, are just the most boring pair of shoes you’ve ever seen.

And see, the problem with wearing shoes that are too small?

Is that your feet are too sacred for that.

Your life is too sacred to waste on rules that are too small for you.

Your sensitivity is sacred. It’s the stuff that compassion is built from and the elixir that the best leaders sip. Sensitivity is the gentle alert that saves the planet, raises human consciousness, and helps guide us deeply home within ourselves.

Your creativity is sacred. It’s the kind that solves problems in new ways, makes the world a more beautiful place to live, and builds things that we all want to be a part of.

The parts that make you up are sacred.

Which means that your life is sacred.

Are you ready to live that way?

Introducing The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion

You’re ready, aren’t you? To structure your life around this one big idea – that your life (your gifts, skills, softness, empathy) is sacred. And you’re trying to figure out what it means to live that way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a safe space with others who are doing the same thing?

To get to talk and play with sensitive creatives – just like you – who are moving forward in the world with their sensitivity leading, moving deeper inside and following the voice of their spirit?

To be in community with sensitive visionaries who are the CEO’s of their own lives?

To learn, grow, share ideas, get inspiration, gather tools and know that someone gets you and has got your back?

Yeah, we thought so too.

Welcome to The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion

The Refuge is a new membership group that puts you in community with others who, like you, are working to break the rules that have kept you small. Sanctify your sensitive life by choosing to live from your sensitivity, not in spite of it.

When you become a member, not only do you receive the benefits of learning from other sensitive creatives, you are also a teacher, just by virtue of choosing to be here.

This membership is just $19 per month. With your monthly membership, you receive:

  • A one-hour video call and discussion led by sensitive revolutionaries Anna Holden of Sensitivity Uncensored and Heidi Frank Palmer of Subtle Body Solutions. In these calls, we’ll discuss the most pressing questions and issues facing sensitive creatives and, with your help, find creative solutions for all of us to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Access to Anna and Heidi through their monthly office hours
  • A private Facebook group for you to meet and interact with other sensitive revolutionaries, where you’ll have access to Anna and Heidi, and – from time to time – receive free workshops, ideas and creative prompts.
  • A private library of written resources on sensitivity and thriving with a highly sensitive life, videos and past workshop recordings relevant to our topic.
  • Twice yearly guided online course of Anna’s flagship course on managing high sensitivity – Sensitive Self Defense (previously called Cape-Ability, a $200 value). This course gives you a unique, spiritual framework for working with high sensitivity and utilizes tools from energy medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and yoga to help you understand and work with your sensitive system.

The Refuge is over a year in the making. Co-creators Anna and Heidi came together in chats, texts, dreams and finally meetings where we could put our ideas together. We are ready to hold this space for you.

Listen to our conversation to learn more:

The Refuge isn’t just membership group.

It’s your pathway home to yourself.

Are you ready to the break the rules and sanctify your life?

Basic Membership, $19/month