Sensitive Systems Integration


This course used to be the next building block to Spiritual Hygiene, but is no longer taught as a live class. The information, however, is still invaluable.

The focus for this home study course is health, and each chapter focuses on the unique health needs of highly sensitive people – physical, emotional, relational and spiritual. In each chapter, I discuss how highly sensitive systems operate differently than non-sensitive system, and how yogic and Ayurvedic systems of thought can be incredibly helpful in understanding and working with our unique systems. I bring in information about the physical body, too, including common illnesses shared by highly sensitive people and how to avoid and/or manage them.

Finally, each chapter has meditation tools that build on those learned in the Spiritual Hygiene course. While taking the Spiritual Hygiene course isn’t a required prerequisite for this home study course, it is recommended. You’ll see references to the Hygiene course here, and all of the meditations build on the basics learned in Spiritual Hygiene. The first section of the book is a review, so you should be able to manage with out it.

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