Spiritual Hygiene Home Study

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A home-study version of my flagship course that teaches you the basics of spiritual mechanics and energy hygiene. Develop an awareness of your energy field and a solid spiritual hygiene practice so that you can feel better creating boundaries, separate from energy that’s not yours, and generally feel like the badass you were meant to be.

Mastering Spiritual Hygiene is a prerequisite for all other classes

Spiritual Hygiene Home Study Includes:

  • 100 page manual with all the tools, so you can always have all the knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Optional access to my audio versions of the guided meditations, in case you ever get stuck.
  • Access to my closed community for graduates, interested parties, and those currently enrolled in The School for Sacred Rebellion.
  • Ability to apply to enroll in the next Activating the Healer Level 1 Course.

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Guided Meditations for Spiritual Hygiene

A set of the guided meditations learned in the Spiritual Hygiene course. You can buy the separately and try to follow along, or pair them with the course for full access to all the information.

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