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Anna and her superhero powers are an indispensable ally for highly sensitive people.
I’ve had chronic pain since high school – the kind that Western approaches have been unable to explain or treat for over three decades. A few years ago, I began to associate some of my physical symptoms with traumatic events and stuck emotions. More recently I learned about my “sensitivities” and psychic gifts but didn’t know what do with that information. And then I met Anna. During our private sessions, I’ve gained clarity about various aspects of my life – parents, lovers, husbands, physical pain, money, past lives, ducks and magically gifted feathers, cars set on fire, etc. – as we’ve uncovered layers of information. Having worked with a variety of healers, teachers, and psychics over the last few years, Anna’s background in scientific inquiry, Ayurveda, and yoga, as well as her life experiences, allow her to provide profound, insightful, and unique clarity counseling. Add to that her energy alchemy and working with Anna has been a healing sanctuary for me. Anna’s Sensitive Superhero classes provided me with invaluable education and tools, and were transferable credits for the meditation prerequisites of my clairvoyant training. She’s also referred me to providers better suited for highly sensitive persons, and we’ve incorporated astrology into our work together. One of the many things I appreciate about working with Anna is that I continue to receive validation as I more confidentially trust my inner knowing after a lifetime of invalidation, in addition to receiving support as I understand, embrace, utilize, nurture, and explore my sensitivities. I also love and appreciate it when she calls me out on my shit – playfully and softly, of course. Working with Anna has provided me with an umbrella under which I continue to do my inner work and explore non-traditional and traditional healing modalities. Anna and her superhero powers are an indispensable ally for highly sensitive people.
~Heidi T.

Finding Joy
Anna, I want to thank you as you provided me an energy healing over a year ago & advised me to tap into my creative spirit. You stated that I would find joy & happiness if I took the time to cultivate it. You were right! Holly Inc Designs was created & has turned into something short of amazing. Yes, I have found joy. This girl’s soul is grateful to have met you.
~Holly Downey

Having regular sessions set up with Anna was a fantastic experience.
Our individual, hour-long sessions were pretty much the same as when I did the Clarity Session coaching – some time to talk, so we could catch up on what had been happening in my life and what I wanted to look at that day; an energetic reading and conversation around the pictures that were brought up; and, my favorite, some next steps to meet my goals or respond to what my energy brought up. 

By working with Anna over time, I noticed several interesting trends. The expected result, of course, was that she stayed more in touch with my week-to-week life, and was able to spend more time asking for details and diving in, since I had less big events to catch her up on. I was surprised, however, to start noticing the rate of change in my life accelerated – I had a TON of shifts happening between every session, and felt like I showed up a new person every two weeks! This, even though I was lax about my “homework”; I took into account many lifestyle tweaks or mental practices, but didn’t make much time for suggested readings or writing activities. 

It was also lovely to get Anna in all her capacities; some weeks, I really needed an Ayurvedic consultation around my diet, whereas others, I showed up feeling blank and wondering what my energy had to say. We had the freedom to play within our scheduled sessions to meet what I needed as time went on – I didn’t have to know ahead of time. Her intuitive response to what I was in need of every week was spot-on (fancy that), and so incredibly helpful. I signed up for her Sensitive Self Defense course to continue working with her, and realized she’d been teaching me some of the concepts already – the class turned into a deepening and refining of several skills, as well as a logical procession and informational backup.

Thank you for the caring guidance, Anna; you’ve truly made a difference for me.
~Amanda M.

Deep Thanks
I found Anna when I was struggling with being OK with who I am – when I was feeling overwhelmed, and doubting myself, including the path I had chosen in life.  I’ve always been a very compassionate soul and often would find myself crying (for no apparent reason.  I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason and when I started reading Anna’s website, tears began streaming down my face.  I knew immediately that I was meant to find this woman.  I immediately scheduled a session with Anna and then signed up for her Sensitive Self Defense class.  Anna has so much knowledge that she willingly shares with her students.  She listens intently and helps you uncover sweet insights about yourself that have been hidden away.  She has helped me to overcome some of my fears and provides me with tools to help me feel empowered and energized.  Anna is a gifted and creative intuitive and I can always count on her honesty and integrity.  She has helped me to uncover the wonderful benefits of being an HSP and she strives to help her students grow both emotionally and spiritually.  I was so happy when Anna offered her next class – Sensitive Self Intelligence.  I did not realize that I still had so much more to learn about myself, my energy, my heart, and my spirit.  Thank you Anna, for always holding a safe and sacred space for your clients and your students.  I feel blessed to have found such a sweet angel.
~Sharon Farrell

Thankful for Sensitive Community
In Sensistive Self-Defence I identified my gift as an HSP, and was given tools to help manage my sensitivity in this “hardy” world. When I completed the Sensitive Intelligence course, I came away with a deeper understanding about my trait and added a slew of new tools to my “Sensitive Toolbox.” Everyday I am thankful for the community these courses have created, a safe place. 

Feeling the Love
I am feeling the love this morning! I had one session with Anna and I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been this clear and focused in my life! I’m been more productive in the office, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and I have the space to be creative again!! She is amazing and truly gifted. I’m looking forward to scheduling my next appointment with her. I think I’ve given her number out to at least 10 people so far. If you are looking to get clear in the new year she is definitely an amazing resource.  Thank you sweet girl!!
~Heidi Frank

 A New Pathway Forward
I met Anna last year during a difficult, emotionally challenging time in my life.  I had reached a place where I struggled with all my past choices, and was grieving the loss of a relationship.  I went with a friend to her yoga class during a visit to Seattle, and learned about her work as an intuitive.  Her long distance sessions have been insightful and healing, and have helped me begin to work through a number of deeply painful issues, things that we often store in our body.  Anna’s sessions have helped guide me to see inside the issues, inside the pain, to help me find the path out in a new way, a more connected way.   The Sensitive Self Defense course provided me with a variety of tools to harness my sensitive nature, and be a better listener to my own truths.  Learning to listen to yourself clearly when you are a person who “hears” all the needs and wants around you, and having tools to understand the difference between compassion and empathy have been invaluable.  I have always struggled with hearing my intuition clearly, as it is often masked by anxiety, and sometimes hard to tell difference between them. I found the meditations in particular to be quite helpful, and I appreciated the overview of techniques, presented in a way to give you choices and a guidebook to discover what tools work for you as an individual.  If you are an HSP and are looking for some healing and guidance, I recommend booking a session with Anna!
~Laurie Dewar

Healing from illness
As comforting as it sounds when traditional medicine claims to provide “individualized treatment” and “client-centered care”, the first time I ever actually experienced that was during my sessions with Anna. Anna moves through the confusion that disease and injury can create, methodically examining each body system and, laser-like, strikes right at the heart of the source, the cause, and the cure. For me, the source of my disease was outside of my awareness. Buried beneath my symptoms were layers of unintegrated emotions, images from the past, energies that didn’t belong to me, karmic influences, and seemingly unimportant details that Anna brought to the surface. As she explained the images she saw I was transported into the realm of my soul and the source of my own power to heal myself. Far from being a painful process, Anna’s humor, love, and light touch made “coming home to myself” and healing my illness a joyful experience. She was able to give me practical guidelines for grounding myself, for stepping out of the way of the healing energies that emerged, for enhancing those energies, protecting them, and for understanding my soul’s intent and purpose as it related to my disease. She was also able to quickly and painlessly remove harmful energies that were not aligned with my intent to heal. Sessions with Anna far exceeded my expectations and moved me to a place of health and unprecedented enthusiasm for my unleashed life. She represents a new kind of healing that takes into consideration the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the right environment. Anna is an expert in understanding what that environment looks like and has the amazing gift of knowing how to create it. Personally and professionally I am privileged to be able to recommend her without reservations.
~Holly Repenn

Everyday Guidance
Anna’s clairvoyant readings and healings are spot on. She goes right to the heart of the matter, seeing and explaining the underlying dynamics of my experience with clarity and accuracy, whether about relationship, career, family, or other areas. Her Wellness Alchemy healings are great fun while also going deep, one of the most comprehensive and methodical approaches to clearing one’s personal energy space that I’ve experienced. Contact her!
~ Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)

Transitional Guidance
Anna’s healing session has helped me so much in an important transition time in my life. I feel lighter, more relaxed and more trusting in every moment since we talked. She is both insightful and easy to open up to and I was surprised at how accurate her reading was in every aspect of my life. Our session gave me more perspective and helped to remove blocks from achieving my full potential. I am grateful to have her in my life for guidance and support.
~ Rachel Krentzman, PT, RYT

Come Home to Yourself
I received two healings from Anna. The first healing reminded me of healings that I received from healers in the Philippines: such a deep level of healing and so miraculous! Issues that I had been working on for a LONG time were released effortlessly. I felt like I was “lifted and laid clear” from old wounds. The second session was equally amazing. Anna gave me a reading prior to the healing that answered all my questions before I even asked! I was in awe of her ability to see who I am behind all my “stuff”. She offered me valuable information about nutrition and my wellness. Anna is positive and nonjudgmental. Anna Holden’s readings and healings will help you come home to yourself! Thank you, Anna!
~ Lori Callies

Relief from Headaches
Anna did a Wellness Alchemy Reading for me when I was suffering from car-accident-induced headaches. I had never had a reading before, but I could not have asked for a better first experience. Anna thoroughly explained her process to me throughout the entire process and when my reading was over, not only was my headache lessened, but I felt an overall sense of calm and happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. I would highly recommend a reading from Anna to anyone who is suffering physically or mentally.
~ Rebeka Osborne

Yoga healing
Anna is a breath of fresh air, a ray of light, a beautiful yoga teacher who always brings something more to the practice. After a class with Anna your body feels lighter and your heart feels fuller!
~Shauna MacKay

Sensitive Yoga Teacher
Anna is a very intuitive [yoga] instructor and knows how to push just enough to feel you are accomplishing your goals, while being sensitive to your individual needs and limits. While participating in her class, I never feel the pressure of competing with other students. Anna’s serene presence allows me to focus on just myself and my goals for the class. She has a vast knowledge of the body, and is great at making modifications to accommodate injuries, strains, etc. She is also constantly in training herself so she is always educating us and teaching new ways to benefit from our experience. If you are interested in learning correct form and poses in yoga in order to benefit to its fullest capacity, Anna is the instructor for you.
~Melissa Eannarino

Thank You
I just thank you so much for your [yoga] class. What you do is open a space for people to get whatever they need from it. Some people come for just the physical, some for both physical and spiritual (like me). You welcome people to have their own individual experience and outcomes from the class and that is truly unique.