A series of five webinars to give you a new framework for understanding, embracing, leveraging and embodying your sensitivity.



Does being sensitive sometimes feel like a drag? Like you are at the mercy of your sensitive body and your deep feelings?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

High sensitivity is a function of your nervous system, which governs just about everything in your life. And because high sensitivity is a relatively new finding, you probably haven’t been taught how to manage this particular aspect of yourself.

So there’s really no reason to feel bad, hopeless, or weird.

(Well, maybe you’re weird. That’s okay).

As a child, you were probably taught how to take care of most of your body. You learned how to use a spoon to feed yourself. You learned how to stretch, walk and kick to move yourself. You learned how to close your eyes and sleep, to rest yourself.

But you didn’t learn how to understand or attend to your highly sensitive nervous system.

How do you understand it, feed it, stretch it, move it, rest it?

In this webinar series, I’ll help you understand high sensitivity, then show you a new framework for working with yourself as a sensitive being so that you can reunite with your true essence and feel more comfortable in your body. In a word, this workshop series will be healing.

I define healing as the process of coming home to yourself, of knowing yourself better, of having more discernment over what is true for you.

High sensitivity changes everything, because the nervous system is at the basis of everything – your physical, emotional and even spiritual health. Some of the questions I’ll address in this series are:

  • What are our natural tendencies as highly sensitive people and how do we create an organized structure for understanding these?
  • Why do we tend towards unhealthy relationships and how can we become free of those?
  • How do we handle the barrage of emotions and process them in a healthy and effective way?
  • How do we manage a highly sensitive body? What tools work best for us?

I use my unique combination of current scientific research, Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga philosophy and energy medicine to create practical tools to help you work with and own your sensitivity.

Here’s a peek at each webinar:

  1. Subtle body mechanics – A new framework for understanding sensitivity

  2. All the feels – Become a boss emotional understanding and transformation

  3. Come Together – Navigating relationships while maintaining autonomy

  4. My Glorious Body – Physical health for highly sensitive people

  5. Embodiment – Living centered through sensitivity

In this series, we follow the rule of energy medicine that states:

Everything that has manifested physically first had a more subtle component that proceeded it.

Think about it – if you want to create something in the world, first you must be inspired. Then, you think about the details and map it out. Next, you take action to start to bring your idea to life. And finally, your idea is manifest in the physical world.

This is how we will explore embodiment – to learn to understand our most subtle components first, how they lead to our denser qualities and how to keep this energetic flow – from subtle to dense – clear from common blockages.

This is how we will work with sensitivity in these workshops. We’ll start with a new structure for understanding sensitivity through the subtle body, creating a spiritual lens through which to see yourself and understand your sensitivity.

Then, we’ll move into working with the emotions – subtle energy still, for sure, but still more dense.

Then, the intricacies of relationships – how to stay healthy, how to communicate, how to get needs met. Denser still.

Next, how all of these things relate to physical health and explore tools to keep our physical selves healthy.

After this final step, we’ll see how all of these layers stack together to create a framework through which we can live in flow, from subtle to dense, to truly embody – or live strong from the center of – our sensitivity.


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  • Each webinar is 60-120 minutes, depending on the topic (details below) and all sessions are recorded.

  • If you attend live, you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive laser coaching from me, as well as discuss topics with the other participants.

  • Cost: $35 per webinar

  • Buy in Bulk (full series): $150 ($50 savings). Buy the series after we’ve started and receive the recordings once they’re ready.

Are you in?



Subtle Body Mechanics

A new framework for understanding sensitivity. Aired June 20th, 2017. Purchase the recording for $35

How do we understand something as subtle as sensitivity? Through subtle body mechanics, of course! Wait, you’ve never heard of these? Well, just as our physical bodies have a dynamic yet mechanical component to them, so does our energy body. In Ayurvedic and Energy Medicine, the nervous system is seen as the physical manifestation of our energy body. Through this ancient framework, we can get a tangible understanding of high sensitivity and how our sensitive systems interact with the world. This class will include information from Ayurveda, yoga philosophy and energy medicine to give you a new structure for understanding sensitivity. Length ~ 90 minutes.


All The Feels

Emotional intelligence and transformation. Purchase the recording with the “Book Now” button. $35

“I feel the world so deeply. Or wait, are these the feelings of the person sitting next to me? And how did my mom’s feelings end up inside my body? Huh, maybe I’m making this up. My body hurts. I’m not sure I can handle this . . .” Eeesh, I get it, empath. You feel all the feels. All the time. The light emotions. The dark emotions. Your emotions. Your friend’s emotions. Empathy? You’ve got that in the bag. Now how do you learn to work WITH this emotional energy so it doesn’t pull you under? That’s what this workshop is all about. We’ll cover the nature of emotions, how hsps feel and process emotions, and specific steps to work with yours. Length ~ 75 minutes.


Come Together

Navigating relationship while maintaining sovereignty. August 8th, 2017. Live at 12pm PST. $35

Why do we as highly sensitive people frequently end up in co-dependent relationships? Or find ourselves attracted to to unavailable people? Or find ourselves years deep in a relationships, only to realize we don’t recognize ourselves anymore? This workshop explores these issues, plus looks at how we can attract and maintain healthy, lasting relationships that honor our sensitive natures. Length ~ 75 minutes.


My Glorious Body

Physical health for highly sensitive people. August 29th, 2017. Live at 12pm PST. $35

Connective tissue disorders. Digestive complaints. Autoimmune diseases. Anxiety. Depression.
Do any of those sound familiar? They are all things that highly sensitive people suffer from in greater percentages than the rest of the population. In this workshop, we’ll look at why we tend toward some of the health challenges we do, how to take care of our sensitive bodies (hint – it’s all about understanding the nervous system), and how to embrace the body we’ve got. Length ~ 75 minutes.


Sensitive Embodiment

Living centered through Sensitivity. September 12, 2017. Live at 12pm PST. $35

Now that have a better understanding of sensitivity and embracing it within some of the key areas of our life, how do we live in our bodies and centered in our sensitivity? What does embodiment look like for us? What does it feel like? In this final exploratory workshop, we’ll put our tools together with our needs to uncover a system for being at home in our bodies with our sensitivity. Length ~ 75 minutes.


Embodying Sensitivity Series

Get the whole package – all five workshops. $150

Attend the whole series live, or watch each recording, OR a mixture of both. You can do it YOUR way – I grant you permission! I’m excited to have you along for the whole journey!





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