Yes, you feel other people’s emotions

Most of this post is an excerpt from my book, “Embracing High Sensitivity.” As someone with a highly sensitive nervous system, you feel emotions more strongly than others. Just like any other physical stimuli, you feel emotional energy more acutely and process it more deeply than non-HSPs. You’re simply not built for the “shake it off ” mentality. Your nervous … Read More

You are not the problem. The system is the problem.

Dear highly sensitive person (HSP), The advice you’ve been getting sucks. The advice for HSPs reads like a self-help column for people with a pathology, affliction, or mental illness (not that there’s anything wrong with having one of those!). High sensitivity isn’t an illness—it’s a genetic trait. The advice reads as lists of things you need to do in order … Read More

Building Boundaries

Most of this post is an excerpt from my book: “Embracing High Sensitivity: Your HSP Guidebook to Eliminating Overwhelm, Handling Difficult Emotions, and Becoming the Boss of Your Life.“ If you’re a highly sensitive person, chances are you’ve been told that you need to create better boundaries. Which is probably not wrong. What rubs me the wrong way about this … Read More

An Intuitive Lifestyle is Possible

I asked her point blank – “Do you think I could ever do intuitive readings like you?” She laughed, my intuitive friend, and she had this laugh like silver bells. “Of course you can – you just have to learn how.” When I was about 20, I read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolynn Myss and was immediately transfixed. I … Read More

The things I did to be liked

I have a really deep wound.  Some would call it a sister wound, in that it was inflicted when I was very young by someone I believed to be a female ally. And while I knew it was affecting me, I’ve just recently been shown just how this unhealed wound has been sabotaging my relationships. The incident itself is not … Read More

Why a protection shield of white light doesn’t work

Protection isn’t the solution to a porous energy field. There’s this common “knowledge” in the spiritual world that anyone in need of spiritual/psychic protection need only to invoke a protection shield of white light around them and then – abra-cadabra! – you’re protected! Except you probably aren’t. (Especially if that’s the only thing you’re doing). Nope – you’re still picking … Read More

To see in the dark

The morning air is crisp and cool and the harvest moon is bright in my window. It’s autumn – the last days of September. And while the media would like to remind me that this is the time to buy new sweaters and swap my home brewed coffee for a pumpkin spice everything, I’m being called to notice that we … Read More

How mountain biking helps me regulate my nervous system

“Ready for a tow-in, Anna?” he asked, swatting away a mosquito as he sat on his low-slung bike seat and readied one foot on his pedals. “Yeah,” I said, “Let’s do it.” He pedaled forward and, not wanting to get further behind than two or three bike-lengths, I placed the sticky rubber soles of my biking shoes just “so” atop … Read More

Episode 11: An Intuitive learns to trust herself

Today I’m getting personal. In this episode, I talk about what a morning in my household looks like (it’s not the perfect morning you might imagine), and then tell you about the one-on-one clairvoyant readings I do and how they’ve helped my clients. I walk you back through parts of my history, back to some of the first spiritual experiences … Read More

You’re a delicate snowflake – and winter is coming

There is a lot of advice in the world for highly sensitive people that says something along the lines of: “You’re fragile. Turn off the news, turn away from the upsetting parts of life, take a nap, take a bath, get a massage and spend more time to yourself.” The intention behind this advice, I believe, is good. The intention … Read More