Episode 9: How to jump over the technology hurdle with Nikole Gipps

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-9-how-to-jump-over-the-technology-hurdle-with-nikole-gippsToday I speak with web and technology guru Nikole Gipps of That Super Girl, her own website hosting, security and management company. We discuss a common theme that sensitive creatives face – that of seeing the technology side of business as a hurdle. Rather than letting technology scare you into shelving your dream, Nikole shares with us how to take … Read More

Episode 8: What would decolonizing spirituality look like?

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-8-what-would-it-look-like-to-decolonize-spiritualityToday I’m getting my thoughts out about the colonization, cultural appropriation, and white-washing often found in New Age spirituality, especially within spiritual circles of white women. I discuss the problems with spiritual bypassing, the need for spirituality to include social justice, and advocate for spiritual responsibility – an embodied spirituality that includes action in the physical world. I ask the … Read More

Episode 7: Claiming a Spiritual Path that Feeds Our Soul, a personal story with Ane Axford

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-7-claiming-a-spiritual-path-that-feeds-our-soul-a-personal-story-with-ane-axfordAne Axford, founder of Sensitive Leadership, talks to us about her personal story of growing up in a conservative Mormon religion – a faith that didn’t make sense or feed her. She tells us how she began to understand why the faith didn’t feed her, and her journey to find the courage to leave this faith to find a spiritual … Read More

Episode 6: Writing as Medicine with Janelle Hardy

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-6-writing-as-medicine-with-janelle-hardyIn this episode, bodyworker, creativity cultivator and memoir writing coach Janelle Hardy talks about the ways that reclaiming our stories in the process of memoir writing can be incredibly healing. Janelle tells us about the freedom created when we uncover and examine our ancestry, and how this knowing can empower who we are. She connects the importance of body practices … Read More

Episode 5: The Need for Spiritual White People to Dismantle White Supremacy with Abigail Rose Clarke

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-5-the-need-for-spiritual-white-people-to-dismantle-white-supremacy-with-abigail-rose-clarkeToday, Abigail and I dig deep into the topic of white supremacy – what it is, how it works, and what we can do about it. We’re specifically talking to white people, and spiritual white people in particular. We look at the ways that white supremacy acts like a code or program that our culture runs on, some of the … Read More

Episode 4 – Reclaiming Your Innate Resilience With Elizabeth Rainey

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-4-reclaiming-your-innate-resilience-with-elizabeth-raineyIn this episode, Elizabeth Rainey tells us how her early life of pushing and controlling her body lead to a journey of deep listening and finding her innate resiliency. We discuss the tools that yoga, yoga therapy and somatic experiencing offer us in accessing our inner resources so that we can increase our capacity for meeting life and live in … Read More

Episode 3: Taking Up Space with Sukie Baxter

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-3-sukieSukie Baxter invites highly sensitive people to take up space – in our bodies and in our lives. In this episode, we explore what exactly this means, plus cover how the body is the key to creating more space within our whole lives. At the end of the episode, Sukie takes us through a practice to help us understand how … Read More

Episode 2: I believe high sensitivity can save the world

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-2-i-believe-highEpisode 2: I believe high sensitivity can save the world by Sensitivity Uncensored Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-2-i-believe-high

Episode 1: On Being a Sensitive Creative Pioneer with Heidi Frank Palmer

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-1-on-being-a-sensitiveIn this episode, Heidi and I discuss the gifts and challenges of living a spiritual life as a highly sensitive person and pioneer. We uncover how to find the vulnerability and courage it takes to live authentically as a highly sensitive person, and share the vision of our new membership group, The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion. Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-1-on-being-a-sensitive