Episode 20: Community freedom vs personal freedom and intuition is not supernatural

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-20-community-freedom-vs-personal-freedom-and-intuition-is-not-supernaturalToday I take the scenic road to discuss the connections between the role I see of sensitive, empathic people in the evolution of human consciousness + how personal spiritual work must include a SO THAT aspect that relates to the community + how personal freedom is tied to collective freedom and why + how the intuition and psychic skills are … Read More

Episode 19: Live intuitive reading on purpose, career, marriage and sexuality

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-19-live-reading-on-purpose-career-marriage-and-sexualityIn the second live reading on air, I help guide “Luci” through the subtle world of her aura to find her truth around the intersection of her purpose and her career, her “cold feet” feelings around marriage, relationship negotiations and sexuality. This is a juicy reading full of insight. Stay around until the end for a group oracle! Full show … Read More

Episode 18: Sharyn Holms on raising gutsy girls, finding your voice and dismantling patriarchy

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-18-sharyn-holms-on-raising-gutsy-girls-finding-your-voice-and-dismantling-patriarchyIn this juicy episode, Sharyn Holmes – gutsy leader, artist, speaker, sacred activist, earthshaker and writer – go deep into the roots of her Gutsy Girl work, her frustration and trauma around white women spiritual leaders, sovereignty and finding the courage (or the rage) to speak up. Sharyn’s got an important PSA for white women leaders, so I invite you … Read More

Episode 17: My “Come to heart” moment

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-17-my-come-to-heart-momentIn what has become Part II of Episode 15, this week I finish the story of my journey from scientist to psychic with my “Come to heart” moment (not to be confused with a “come to Jesus” moment). I talk about how I grew up as a spiritual seeker in a family of agnostics, surrounded by a community of Mormons, … Read More

Episode 16: All about SIBO with Dr. Sabrina Kimball, ND

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-16-all-about-sibo-with-dr-sabrina-kimball-ndDr. Sabrina Kimball has become an expert at treating SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Highly sensitive people often find themselves suffering from tummy troubles, and many are diagnosed (or misdiagnosed). Because SIBO is a relatively new finding, it can be difficult to find someone who understands the condition, has experience treating it, and is willing to stay up to … Read More

Episode 15: Scientist to psychic – my journey from hyper-feeling analyst to confident clairvoyant

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-15-scientist-to-psychic-my-journey-from-hyper-feeling-analyst-to-a-confident-clairvoyantToday I take you on my journey from scientist to psychic. This is – by far – the most asked question I received. That of the journey – how did I get here? How did I leave my safe life as a scientist, someone who was in a respectable field, for a life as unsafe as that of a psychic? … Read More

Episode 14: Carmen Cool takes on the diet industry, traditional psychotherapy and disordered eating

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-14-carmen-cool-takes-on-the-diet-industry-traditional-psychotherapy-and-disordered-eatingThis week, psychotherapist and sensitive pioneer Carmen Cool and I talk about the link between high sensitivity and disordered eating and how she helps people struggling with disordered eating. We talk about how Carmen is working to dismantle the diet industry and give people the tools they need to connect to their inner wisdom in order to find real freedom. … Read More

Episode 13: A live intuitive reading on air plus a narrative of what’s happening behind the scenes

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-13-a-live-intuitive-reading-on-air-plus-a-narrative-of-whats-happening-in-the-backgroundToday I have permission from a client to share an intuitive reading I gave her recently. I take you behind the scenes at some of my prep work, how I see (clairvoyantly) energy and know (claircognizantly)energetic information. You get a bird’s eye view of what it could look like to work with me or learn to do this work for … Read More

Episode 12: Ancestral healing creates spiritual blessings and responsibilities with Darla Antione

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-12-ancestral-healing-creates-spiritual-blessings-and-responsibilities-with-darla-antioneThis week, Darla Antione and I gush about all things ancestral – the healing of lineages and why it’s important, the spiritual blessings and gifts that come from this work, and the spiritual responsibilities that may be required. Darla talks about how doing this work in her own life has opened up clearer connection to spirit, better guidance from her … Read More

Episode 11: An Intuitive Learns to Trust Herself

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-11-an-intuitive-learns-to-trust-herselfToday I’m getting personal. In this episode, I talk about what a morning in my household looks like (it’s not the perfect morning you might imagine), and then tell you about the one-on-one clairvoyant readings I do and how they’ve helped my clients. I walk you back through parts of my history, back to some of the first spiritual experiences … Read More

Episode 10: Yoga that nourishes, cultural appropriation and responsibility with Amy Day

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-10-yoga-that-nourishes-cultural-appropriation-and-responsibility-with-amy-dayHow is the yoga we’ve been sold different from the yoga that nourishes and acts as medicine? Amy Day and I explore our personal evolution with yoga, and give examples of what a modern-day yoga practice can look like. We explore yoga and cultural appropriation, colonization, and how to be responsible teachers and practitioners of yoga, especially if we’re white. … Read More