Day 18: The Sanctuary of Yoga

My practice has become my sanctuary.  It’s the place where I feel most at home, least alone and embraced by the prana of the earth and the universe.  When I started this journey, I thought that half way through my month of yoga, I would find it hard to find the time or the want to step onto my mat … Read More

Day 16 and 17: Rigidity

By the time the weekend comes, I am tired.   An early and long morning of teaching on Fridays just tends to wear me out, and combined with a late Friday night, I’m still tired on Saturday.  My practice on Saturday was to jump into a heated level one vinyasa class at Sculpt Fusion, expecting to flow effortlessly from one … Read More

Day 12: Moderation

The Yoga Sutras state, “When the practitioner is firmly established in continence, knowledge, vigor, valor, and energy flow to him.”   Today, Gates talked about the yama of brahmacarya, or to “walk with God.”  Although this yama is often translated as chastity, it’s more of a call to practice moderation, or temperance, in every aspect of our lives.  As example, … Read More

Day 11: (over) Abundance and Coming Home

When it rains, it pours. Or so they say.  I’ve written a lot about looking for more ways to make money, and finally sitting down and meditation on brining abundance into my life.  Well, it’s here.  As I weigh my options, I’m already worried about over-commitment, which is something I’ve been accused of in the past, and which is something … Read More

Day 5: Removing the obstacles that cause suffering

My body hurts today. Running four miles on day three after sitting for seven hours in a car was probably not such a good idea.  (Especially since I haven’t run more than three miles in about two months).  Working Taraksvasana A with an injured back, followed up by a stiff, three hour nap was probably not the smartest thing for … Read More