SIBO Update #2 – Managing the Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving happened. How did all you SIBO sufferers do? I did okay, but it was difficult. Because of the incredibly restrictive diet I’m on, it was very challenging to stick to it during a feast which was shared by family and for which I only did about 10% of the cooking (I made the pies). As I looked at the … Read More

SIBO Update 1: Two months into treatment

As the title suggests, I’m roughly two months into treatment (a little more, actually). For these past two months, I’ve taken my supplements regularly and been pretty good about the diet. Overall, I’m feeling about 30 – 40% better, which I believe to be a great improvement. Many of you out there might think that for two months, that’s nothing, … Read More

SIBO-Friendly Vanilla Cinnamon Cupcakes

Eating for SIBO can be a frustrating experience if you don’t have a few good recipes to bring your taste buds some pleasure – pleasure that doesn’t flare your symptoms up an hour later, that is. I’ve found a lot of great things from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam, where I take her recipes and adapt them to fit … Read More

The SIBO Recipes That Make it Worthwhile

I’ve been on many types of “lifestyle” diets in my day. Some were to make me feel better after a few ailments drew me to seek relief — the Candida protocol to rid of systemic yeast symptoms, the Blood Type Diet to rule out food sensitivities, gluten-free to ward off digestive problems. Others because I was young and felt like … Read More

How to Ask Holistic Health Practitioners the “Right” Questions

This article was published here at Everyday Ayurveda on 9/24/14. How to Ask Holistic Health Practitioners the “Right” Questions By Anna Holden on September 21, 2014 Everyday, I see people who need help managing their health. Often, clients come to me after they’ve tried traditional or mainstream treatments. I’m always happy when people take a more holistic approach to healing, … Read More

My SIBO Journey: The Beginning

This is where I began over a year ago, and let me save you the trouble – this protocol didn’t work. It wasn’t until I found a better doctor that things got better. Check out what worked for me on SIBO Update #4: Complete Protocol Change. A note to the reader: this is a graphic description of small intestine bacterial … Read More

Eating for Your Ayurvedic Type – Part III

Through part 1 and part 2, you should know have a general understanding of Ayurvedic dosha theory, your prominent dosha and current state of imbalance, and a detailed overview of each dosha. With this information as a preface, we can now dive into how to eat for each type. Before we get that specific, however, it’s important to remember that … Read More

Eating for Your Ayurvedic Type: Part II

Now that we have an understanding of our unique blend of the doshas within our bodies, we can start to talk about how to balance the doshas through food in order to reach or maintain optimal health and well-being. But first, let’s talk about each dosha in detail. Vata Dosha Vata dosha is comprised of air and ether, making it light, … Read More

Eating for Your Ayurvedic Type: Part 1

It’s been suggested that I write a bit about the different Ayurvedic body types and how to eat for that type. I’ve hesitated doing this because, like most good holistic therapies, healing through Ayurveda is not as simple as “eating for your type.” Even understanding what your type is, or rather, what “types” you are comprised of, can be complex … Read More

What is healing?

In session yesterday, the question came from a client: What exactly IS healing? We often talk about healing as though it is the process of reaching a certain state outside of yourself. A process of cleansing, of leaving behind those parts of you that make you sick or dirty or injured, and instead finding some magical idea of wholeness, and … Read More