Sensitivity is a strength.

It is your superpower.

  • You’re not weak.
  • Fragile.
  • Melodramatic.
  • A failure.

And if people have been telling you your whole life that you just need to toughen up?

I’ve got good news for you – there’s nothing wrong with you.

In fact, you share a genetic trait with 20% of the global population gives you superpowers – it makes you more capable than most people at absorbing and analyzing body language, emotions and even how well a room flows.

You see the patterns, unspoken words, tone and intent in any given conversation. You see and hear what isn’t said. #superpower

You can tell what other people need, maybe even easier than they can. This makes you an incredible caretaker, counselor and friend. #superpower

You have a through-the-roof creativity, which makes you an excellent problem solver, leader, and artist. #superpower

But sometimes these superpowers might make you feel weird, because they’re not something everyone has and they’re not the way everyone sees the world.

You are a highly sensitive person, and you are not broken. You just need the right tools so you can thrive.

Whether you’re doing your damnedest to blend with the potted plant at your husband’s office party, traipsing through a claustrophobic cacophony of loud marketing slogans, reading about the latest tragic shooting or letting your best gal friend unload her marriage problems on you, one thing’s for sure: The secret to avoiding overwhelm?

Is learning how to use your sensitivity as a strength.

Sure, you still manage to show up to your best friend’s birthday bash, even when you’d rather soak in a hot bath.

You put on the dress that makes it look like you’ve got it all together but send up a fervent prayer that no one find out what the inside of your head actually looks like.

At the end of the day when the weight of everyone else’s pain, fear, and stress have jumbled up your insides all you can do is crash on the couch with a Netflix binge and two glasses of cabernet.

And there’s no shame in that, sister.

But there’s just one little problem.

You’re surviving, when you could be thriving.

Surviving is feeling like the outside world is pushing you around – bright lights, rough fabrics, the emotions of others, the crap on TV, social situations — all just making you feel like life is too hard and you’re doing it wrong.

Thriving is going to the big party with the easy confidence that you can show up just as you are, and it’s okay. It’s knowing that you need time to yourself and being able to ask for it without fear. It’s being able to put up boundaries with other people in a no-fuss way. It’s knowing that you do things your own way, and it’s okay.

Are you just surviving? Ask Yourself:

  • Do you pick up on the moods and emotions of others? Do you have a hard time separating them from your own?
  • Do you feel everything in a room, even when you don’t want to?
  • Do regular situations, like your workplace, shopping, or social gatherings overwhelm you?
  • Do you have a hard time understanding your needs and emotions because everyone else’s are in the way?
  • Do you struggle to find your inner voice?
  • Do you feel like you’re always accommodating others in order to avoid conflict?
  • Do you understand the energy body, or feel drawn to learning about it?
  • Do you feel like you are part of something larger, but don’t understand what it is?
  • Are you seeking more sustained joy?

Shelly is a mother and a grandmother. She’d always given her all to everyone around her and never put her self first – ever. After Cape-Ability, she learned to feel good while saying “No” to things that didn’t serve her.

Mary was a checker at a very busy grocery store. She loved the idea of working with people, but found the reality exhausting. She came home from work drained and full of emotions that weren’t hers. After Cape-Ability, she had the discernment to know the difference between her energy and emotions and that of others and was able to keep herself clear, happy and energized through the whole week.

Holly was a massage therapist who came home in pain, fatigue and emotional exhaustion every night from absorbing all of the energy of her clients. By the end of Cape-Ability, she had the tools to stay clear and free of her clients’ energy while still giving them an incredible healing session.

Are you ready to thrive?

All it takes is a bit of alchemy.
It’s about taking what you’ve been given – high sensitivity – and leveraging it to be your greatest strength.

Introducing Cape-Ability:

A step-by-step process that transmutes “too sensitive” from your Kryptonite into your superpower.

Earn your came and become a Sensitive Superhero

(be honest – you’ve always wanted to be a superhero, right?).

Cape-Ability is for highly sensitive people who are tired of hiding huge chunks of their personality, pulling back and keeping quiet, trying not to rock the boat and generally squishing themselves down to fit a too-small, ill-shaped, cramped mold that was never intended for them.

So you cry tears that would flood the Grand Canyon at movies with happy endings – so what? You’ve got way more to offer the world than your tears.

High sensitivity is awesome and it matters.

Sensitivity is your ability to respond to your environment. Your genetic trait of high sensitivity means that you respond more deeply than 80% of the population. You’re like Jason Bourne – you can walk into a room and instantly get a read on everyone who’s there.

That’s so freakin’ cool!

Except for one little problem. Our world was mostly designed by the 80%, and that means you’re kinda set up to fail.


You’ve got tools. And not just any tools. You need tools designed specifically to help you, a highly sensitive person, thrive in an environment that wasn’t built to support you.

And those tools you’ve been using? The ones in which you pretend a lot and try to be different than you are? Those aren’t working, and they won’t work, because they weren’t made for you. Trust me, I’ve tried them, too. Before I earned my Cape-Ability Cape, I was a red-hot mess. I felt totally out of place in the world, and believed that I must be “doing it” wrong.

I racked up a bunch of seemingly unrelated, bizarre health problems that left doctors scratching their heads – and questioning mine. I was super anxious in crowds, avoided conflict and could please someone else quicker than you can say “perfectionist.” I thought that if I just controlled my life a little more, no one would notice how scared I really was.

Spoiler alert – That didn’t work.
And I bet what you’re doing isn’t working so well, either.

Cape-Ability helps you hone the essential tools for navigating a modern world so you can stay calm and centered even when life isn’t.

Cape-Ability was designed because your traditional upbringing didn’t give you any of the tools necessary to navigate life as a highly sensitive person – so we teach you how.

  • Get Clear – Understand what’s really important to YOU
  • Get Calm – Feel like the best version of you more often
  • Get energized – Improve your daily energy levels
  • Get Healthy – Understand your highly sensitive body and stay healthier
  • Get Grounded – Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Get Centered – Learn from your emotions to avoid overwhelm
  • Get Protected – Protect yourself from stimulating situations with ease
  • Get Boundaries – Put up personal boundaries with ease
  • Get Superpowers – Develop or fine-tune your intuition

Bottom Line: Cape-Ability will put you into the center of your life and help you develop your superpowers.

Ready To Get your Cape On

Here’s a sneak preview of your superhero training:


Sensitive Superpowers 101

This is where you learn a new language – your language, the one that came with your highly sensitive body, except got lost somewhere in transit. You’ll start to see how you do fit, and why it’s just felt wrong, and feel relieved that you’re on the right track after all. Also, fall in love with your fellow superhero classmates, because your new community is going to soothe your sensitive soul. Your big take-away: I can get grounded and calm fast in one easy tool.


Feel The Force

Bust out of the shackles of that dependent client, that competitive co-worker, that needy friend. Start gaining your superpowers of perspective and discernment, so you know exactly what to spend your precious energy on and what to toss out faster than five-day chicken. Learn why it’s important to put yourself first sometimes and how to practice being (gasp!) a little selfish.


What’s Mine is Mine

I know you’re really good at sharing. Honey, please. You and I have been sharing pieces of ourselves since our sticky fingers could pull treasures out of tiny pockets. You learned those lessons about sharing so well that now you share things you don’t mean to — like your energy. This class is all about personal boundaries – what they are, how to create them and how to communicate them. Boundaries mean you have more energy for YOU and all your greatness — and that means that you ultimately have a greater capacity to be with and help others. Bam. Everybody wins.


I don’t always talk, but when I do it’s with precision and pizzaz

Dive into tools for responding, rather than reacting to the outside world. Responding is knowing what I need before I say yes to you. It’s building an ability to interact with the outside world like a boss, rather than letting the outside world push you around. You’ll start standing firm in you, even amidst pressure, criticism and change and develop a greater capacity for compassion toward both yourself and others.


Pilot Training

We have liftoff! Armed with the Cape-Ability tools, you’re ready to hurl yourself out of the nest for your first solo flight….almost. First, a few special tools to safeguard you during that first leap with all your new-found powers. There will also be food and dancing (yay dancing!).

Cape-Ability Includes:

  • Complimentary 20-minute phone call — to make sure your Cape will fit (and that you like the way I throw my glitter around).
  • Five lessons, or ten hours total of class time. In each lesson, you’ll learn tools from Ayurveda (don’t worry if you can’t pronounce that, it’s part of getting your Cape) and Energy Medicine to start reaping benefits immediately, practice with the group, ask questions and discuss themes.
  • Comfortable Sensory Experience – because you’re highly sensitive (duh) and so am I, we need a few things to feel comfortable. Things like: Food, to avoid hanger. Comfortable chairs, for the back. Dirty jokes, to avoid the dread of seriousness. Part of my Superpowers? I’m good at taking care of people. Part of earning your cape is letting me. Not so bad, eh?
  • Printed manual with all the tools, so you can always have all the knowledge at your fingertips. My goal is to turn you into a Superhero, not make you dependent on my superpowers. You get a 100 page manual to have in your hot little hands, doodle in, stack things up with – whatever, it’s yours. Oh, and access to a pdf version in case I make updates in the future. Score!
  • Full access to the Cape-Ability Self Study course – a $200 value –  so you can relax and be guided through the tools whenever you need a refresher.
  • Access to the Sensitive Superhero community, a fun, glitter-filled group of graduates who chat online (and in person) about all things sensitive-related. You’ll be added to our private Facebook group – a group of highly sensitive folk who get you.
  • Graduate Opportunities, like monthly online meet-ups where all the Sensitive Superheroes come together to ask questions, share what’s up, and practice tools together in new and magical ways. And coupons to upcoming events. Your tools stay fresh and you get access to laser coaching. Dang.
  • Some one-on-ones, so that you have the opportunity to ask private questions and make sure your tools are working for you. These are like miniature Clarity Sessions, where you’ll find clarity, confidence and direction with your tools, all things Super Heroes need during training.
  • A Sensitive Superhero uniform, because, seriously – haven’t you always wanted one? Now’s your chance.
  • A few surprises along the way, because what fun would a Superhero course be without a few fun surprises?
  • Magic, crayons and glitter, because all supplies are included. Look, the work we do in this course is incredibly important – we’re unlocking incredible superpowers. That’s important work. Important work often gets serious quickly, which stops energy from flowing. That’s where the magic and glitter comes in, so be ready.

Sensitivity can be the strongest thing about you.

You just need the right tools to make it happen.

You don’t have to be stuck where you’re at anymore – anxious, exhausted, and trying so damn hard to do everything right in the hopes that it will somehow make your life right. You just need to find your way – the highly sensitive way – of doing things. The tools provided in Cape-Ability create a new framework from which you can get shit done, interact with others and be your amazing self without feeling like it costs you all your energy or that you’re the weirdo in the room.  Well, you might still feel like the weirdo – but all superheros are a little weird, amiright? That’s what makes us super. 

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