This is before the work.These pics are after phase one of work!Here’s a few pictures of what all my non-yoga free time went to in the past two weeks. Yyyyeeessss! YYeess! Yes! I felt like an Herbal Essence commercial as I moved through my first asana practice in two weeks yesterday. My body was giddy…

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Squeezing it in 2

February 19, 2010

Have I been meditating everyday? Yes. Have I created a routine for meditating yet? No. I’ve been squeezing it in wherever I can.   Yesterday, I took 15 minutes out of my work day to sit on a soft seat, close my eyes, and meditate. Mostly, I run energy through my body and see where…

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Valentine’s Day 2010 0

February 14, 2010

This re injury has been a brilliant wake-up call for me. A great big, “Hello, Stupid. Stop what you’re doing and try something else.” Last June, when I injured my back for the first time (well, not the first time – this has been a chronic problem that is just becoming more virulent), my goal…

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Injury? Really? 1

February 12, 2010

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve written, and for most of today, I’ve been thinking about this great piece I was going to write about changing priorities and such. My plan has lately been to start incorporating all my favorite activities back into my routine – activities I’ve had to let go…

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The Need for Yoga 1

February 8, 2010

My body is not meant to sit still for very long. I know this about my body. I’ve spent years in my experiential college setting learning this. I spent many hours in 15 passenger vans bound for educational speeches given by different outdoor experts at different outdoor locations. Days of relative little movement by the…

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Day 36: Letting go 0

February 5, 2010

While I understand and can see many of the items in my life to which I am attached, or things that I hoard – like sci-fi novels, coffee, and big earrings – there are other dimensions of attachment or hoarding that are harder to look at. Anger, for one. Fear, another. Resentment. Do I also…

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Can you tell the truth from a lie? When someone tells you a very convincing lie, a lie that tugs at your heart, a lie that you want to be truth, can you still tell that it’s a lie?   We all have intuitive abilities that help us tell the truth from a lie. You’ve…

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Today was my 31st day of yoga in a row. My original goal – to practice yoga everyday for the month of January – is complete. This month I have learned a lot of things, but most of all, I’ve learned that daily practice isn’t just a goal for me, it has become my way…

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Days 29 and 30: Programming 1

January 30, 2010

In San Diego, the return of the sun after a week of rain feels like springtime in the mountains. Today, I felt like it was time for spring cleaning – to get out boxes for old clothes to donate, clean behind the stove and clean up the back yard (or, in our case, create a…

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Day 27 and 28: Intention 0

January 29, 2010

The power of intention is incredible.   I like to think of intention as setting the energy of an action. Intentions can be as small and as focused as eating slowly during a meal, bending the front leg to 90 degrees in Virabrudrasana II, or speaking to a friend with compassion and patience. Intentions can…

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