Cultivating Faith

This fall season is flying by, and my life has sped up with it.  I didn’t mean to leave such a cliff hanger last post.  Most of you know that my brain scan came back clean, so there is nothing wrong with my brain after all.  Well, physically, at least  🙂  But as the wind starts to blow and the … Read More


Believing in duality has made my life so much easier.  There are many times when I’ve had two conflicting ideas, thoughts, or emotions about something and stayed awake into the wee hours of the night trying to rectify them.  Now, I can rest easy realizing that I can have my cake and eat it, too. I was recently at the … Read More

Part 2: Love, Sweat, Slackline and Tears: Reflections of Wanderlust, Squaw Valley

As our traveling trio arrived Wednesday at Wanderlust, the welcoming by our Slacker family was nothing less than I expected — hugs filled with so much excitement and love that they were almost violent, knocking us into an instant Slacker Stack (aka: dog pile).  The fun and love that radiated from the little grassy knoll, filled with slacklines, was almost … Read More

Life after cleansing and the new recipes that make it great!

I finished up Purva Karma almost two weeks ago, and I’m still reflecting on all I learned from the experience.  One of the coolest things that happened to me was not physical — it was the great expansion in my creativity.  For the last few months, I’ve felt stuck creatively, which rarely used to happen, but is understandable since I’m … Read More

Purva Karma

For the past week, my husband and I have been on type of Ayurvedic cleanse called Purva Karma.  Traditionally, Purva Karma is a preparation for main Ayurvedic cleansing actions, called Pancha Karma.  While Pancha Karma often requires stay in a retreat setting and daily care from Ayurvedic practitioners, Purva Karma is fairly simple to do at home under the guidance … Read More

Here we go . . .

I’ve started a new blog.  Why, you may ask, when I wasn’t consistent with the blog at Passionate Life Yoga?  Because although the argument could be made that things like redefining values, simplifying life, and mindfully working towards health and healing are all things that fall under the “yoga” umbrella, I felt pressured in my yoga blog to always tie … Read More

The Cycle Continues

Yesterday, the other members of my yoga teacher training and I came to the end of a cycle. We completed our 300 hour, professional teacher training program.  The past six months have been a splendid, steady road to learning, a place for establishing new friendships, and a warm, open circle for healing.  Here are 20 things I have learned from … Read More

How big is your pile?

I’m back to the blog after more than a month. I wish I was driven to write more.  I want to be able to write a blog everyday, or every other day, but honestly, at this time in my life I’m just not that inspired. I’d rather my blog be meaningful than sounding like a long list of Facebook status … Read More