Episode 31: I’m a hot mess sometimes + listening your inner voice when shit hits the fan

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-31-im-a-hot-mess-sometimes-listening-your-inner-voice-when-shit-hits-the-fanSometimes, I’m a hot mess. This summer was rough. I had a panic attack, left my husband, suffered through severe anxiety, then into a dark depression (or what my therapist so kindly calls “nervous system collapse). I was not okay. And sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. Even when you’re a healer. Even when you’re a business owner. So … Read More

To see in the dark

The morning air is crisp and cool and the harvest moon is bright in my window. It’s autumn – the last days of September. And while the media would like to remind me that this is the time to buy new sweaters and swap my home brewed coffee for a pumpkin spice everything, I’m being called to notice that we … Read More

Episode 30: When no one shows up for you + Learn your love style with Shanda Catrice

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-30-when-no-one-shows-up-for-you-learn-your-love-style-with-shanda-catriceWhen her intuition told her to get to the emergency room, Shanda Catrice listened. Two days and two surgeries later, doctors didn’t know how she was still alive. Looking around the hospital room, Shanda didn’t know either – but she did know she was alone. Shanda tells her story of being at her lowest and having no one show up … Read More

Episode 29: You need more time in transitions + making it through the most difficult season

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-29-you-need-more-time-in-transitions-making-it-through-the-most-difficult-seasonToday I’m taking over my own podcast – and breaking from the theme of season two – to talk about something super important: how we, as highly sensitive people, need more time in transitions. Our brains and nervous systems work differently than your average Joe, and these differences tend to show up with force in life transitions (the big and … Read More

Episode 28: Sexism and sensitivity, high sensitivity in men and doing the work with Casey Muldoon

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-28-sexism-and-sensitivity-high-sensitivity-in-men-and-doing-the-work-with-casey-muldoonCasey is a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, feminist, psychic male. We dig into the implications of these identities, including how our culture limits men’s ability to embrace their highly sensitive characteristics. Casey walks us through his awakening to his lunar or feminine side, which has been a decade-long discovery. Casey talks about how he loves the dichotomy of doing construction … Read More

Episode 27: Honoring the wisdom of your body, fascia, and rethinking Kegels with Sarah Geis

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-27-honoring-the-wisdom-of-you-body-fascia-and-rethinking-kegels-with-sarah-geisYour body is wise. It has intricate systems for processing information, including holding that information inside its cells. Sarah and I talk about the fascia – our body’s connective tissue – and how it holds us together, both physically and emotionally. Sarah is a physical therapist and John F. Barnes myofascial release practitioner who believes that we can find freedom … Read More

Episode 26: Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Slade Roberson

https://soundcloud.com/annadean-1/episode-26-clairaudience-claircognizance-and-grilled-cheese-sandwiches-with-slade-robersonSlade Roberson is a professional intuitive, author, and host of the podcast Shift Your Spirits, where he does a great job speaking about spirituality with fewer hearts and flowers than most New Age blather. We sat down to talk about how he works as a clairaudient and claircognizant intuitive and mentor. Slade and I talk about how difficult it can … Read More