Day 7: Diving deeper into asteya

Are you willing to give up all you have for your spiritual growth? This is the question that Gates posed to me today.  He says that giving up all we know and all we have in order to pursue the pearl that is our spiritual growth is the fundamental truth and power behind asteya, or non-stealing.  Most of us aren’t … Read More

Day 6: perfection and non-attachment

I had the perfect day planned. I ate my homemade granola, drank a good mug of coffee while reading the vampire book to not be mentioned (my husband would freak out if he realized I was reading it–eek–again), and did a little housework.  Then I loaded my car with a yoga mat, journal, slackline and sunscreen and headed for the … Read More

Day 5: Removing the obstacles that cause suffering

My body hurts today. Running four miles on day three after sitting for seven hours in a car was probably not such a good idea.  (Especially since I haven’t run more than three miles in about two months).  Working Taraksvasana A with an injured back, followed up by a stiff, three hour nap was probably not the smartest thing for … Read More

Taraksvasana A and other such nonsense

Back into the groove of the real world here in San Diego.  Ah, what a breath of fresh air.  I love it when I’m happy to be back from vacation, however wonderful that vacation was. As usual for Monday morning, I taught a 6am class.  My class changed for the new year from a beginner to an intermediate class.  The … Read More

Days two and three

Well, it was time to leave Utah and start the 13+ hour drive back to San Diego, which we decided to pursue over two days. On Saturday, January 2nd, I decided to get up early and practice my asanas before sitting in a car the rest of the day. I thought since I practiced the previous night after skiing, I’d … Read More

30 (one) Days of Yoga

Another year is upon us, and resolution season has begun.  I almost never make resolutions, because it’s hard for me to see New Year’s Day as different from any other day or starting point.  So this year, instead of resolving to do something, I’ve simply decided to do yoga everyday for the month of January.  I have a few friends … Read More