Yes, you feel other people’s emotions

Most of this post is an excerpt from my book, “Embracing High Sensitivity.” As someone with a highly sensitive nervous system, you feel emotions more strongly than others. Just like any other physical stimuli, you feel emotional energy more acutely and process it more deeply than non-HSPs. You’re simply not built for the “shake it off ” mentality. Your nervous … Read More

You are not the problem. The system is the problem.

Dear highly sensitive person (HSP), The advice you’ve been getting sucks. The advice for HSPs reads like a self-help column for people with a pathology, affliction, or mental illness (not that there’s anything wrong with having one of those!). High sensitivity isn’t an illness—it’s a genetic trait. The advice reads as lists of things you need to do in order … Read More

Building Boundaries

Most of this post is an excerpt from my book: “Embracing High Sensitivity: Your HSP Guidebook to Eliminating Overwhelm, Handling Difficult Emotions, and Becoming the Boss of Your Life.“ If you’re a highly sensitive person, chances are you’ve been told that you need to create better boundaries. Which is probably not wrong. What rubs me the wrong way about this … Read More

Birth Song Loop

Click to Listen on SoundcloudThis is a simple recording I made playing my singing bowls, looped to create 90 minutes of sound for you. Enjoy!

An Intuitive Lifestyle is Possible

I asked her point blank – “Do you think I could ever do intuitive readings like you?” She laughed, my intuitive friend, and she had this laugh like silver bells. “Of course you can – you just have to learn how.” When I was about 20, I read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolynn Myss and was immediately transfixed. I … Read More

Guest Post: How Massage Therapy Can Help Highly Sensitive People

By Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. It can be difficult to be a sensitive person: someone who responds to the world with strength, understanding and healing. In society today, sensitive people are pushed aside as too weak. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. However, if you’re a sensitive person, it’s important to take special care of your body … Read More