Slade Roberson is a professional intuitive, author, and host of the podcast Shift Your Spirits, where he does a great job speaking about spirituality with fewer hearts and flowers than most New Age blather. We sat down to talk about how he works as a clairaudient and claircognizant intuitive and mentor.

Slade and I talk about how difficult it can be to narrow down your craft – and how critical it is to do so. “Do one thing really well,” Slade says. “Like, if you could only make a grilled cheese sandwich, then make it really good!” We talk more deeply about how to figure out what work is yours to do and what is simply not your grilled cheese to make.

Slade tells us about his professional mentorship program for emerging intuitives, called Automatic Intuition. He offers a free way to start the program for free, which you can find with the links below.

Slade and I talk about how our different health crisis lead to finding our true calling in the world, and how mundane things like good nutrition, Crossfit and sleep keep this intuitive healthy.

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